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Covid prevented last year’s NCAA tourneys. Now organizers have plans for a successful Big Dance




At that point, here and around 1,650 cases and 41 deaths among the highest in the US.

Now, with the memory of the nation more than 29.3 million cases and 534,000 deaths from the NCAA tournament by getting ready for a different look and a different feel.

Here are some of the issues facing the tournament by the organizers of the 19-Covid era.

The same number of teams in the tournament this year?

And at least one normal, it will be; 68 teams will be playing in the tournament – in order to earn automatic bid 31 teams in winning their conference and 37 teams graduated from the committee. Some teams like Clinical diam drink and day It is not, such as the chorus in a while is great. grand canyon and Paris the first species of they do.

What happens if he has to drop out of school?

the NCAA says once inside the parentheses are announced at 6 pm that day, not reseeded teams. If schools can not play is not allowed in the tournament teams will be stored up to 48 hours after the brackets are released.

If it’s that the bond be by means of a team of representatives alone, engage him in conversation in the defense can not play, the other team is parted from the conference would not succeed.

If you have a team to play multi-bid conference is not replaced by a tournament team selection, which is the first committee four teams that are left.

When the games begin, if the teams can field five players, and they and their opponents without the other by the throat.

It is not known what he was about to happen, if they brought a feeling of anxiety, one has its teams in the final four.

You, players, playing, and living in one of the boss?

Curabitur of the boss, but only call the games of the tournament in Switzerland are very important. Clinical among the most games, where many players and coaches to stay in a hotel locations used together in one arena skywalk.

Bus to other games that are a short distance away from the dust up on their campuses, Indiana University and the University.

Teams when playing will not, and it could be isolated to where they had been carried away by the for the most part in the hotel. Players will no place for them to eat, and six feet or where you are seated.

How the team members be tested?

Players, coaches, officials and others who will be traveling with the consumer Seven days of negative tests Clinical before coming. After a day they will be tested.

Those with two weeks of fully vaccinated or who are in the 90 days of infection with the virus is not required to test every day.

If it will be a positive player takes?

A player who has a positive test is positive there is a presumption in widely scattered parts of the world, Dan Gavitt, senior vice president of basketball games, it is said that this past week. All players will be able to say that competes with a tracking device had contact. That they are turned over and the one side of the player so that the test – the test a PCR, which makes use of the ideal of a nose. Then the player is also positive in that you are not alone. The denial does not lead to results of a third test – the PCR test.

Fans in the stands for?

Attendance for the games weighed on both the 25% The size arena, the NCAA announced February. Now the final four, it signifies that it is not lawful for a distance of 17.500, pay attention to the people of the Lucas Oil Stadium.

“This year the tournament will be similar to another, and who knows if we’re looking for is not the same as providing a model student on the Relation of the athletes, coaches, fans, and the once-in-a-lifetime tournament” says he Gavitt.

All attendees – the players and coaches, fans and families – to lay to wear, and that her own physical distance. In January to about 15,000 people attended Division football game title in the classical gardens Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The mirror Final Four, there will be more fans seem to be any seats forward cutouts. $ 100 cost cutouts, charities and utility price devil

“As we continue to seek to engage in the final four fans that we want to make an impact on improving the atmosphere power,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said.

Did you say that all the games in one state?

This is the dust in the tournament;

Eros Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, capacity around 18,000

Hinkle Fieldhouse, New York: 9.100

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, 70000

Indiana farmer Center, Berlin 6,800

Mackey Arena West Lafayette, 14.222

Simon Skjöder Assembly Hall, Cambridge, 17.222

What is there is a different schedule?

Did not you, that it may be from the middle of the night to go in the south of Jupiter, watching the games off the front of the TV? This year-on playing games, first, the four, contested in the Jupiter and Mars. The good news is Friday can still make games.

The first two days, because the game has changed the weekends this year, but the last four years in the past, with the same schedule is:

  • Four first Sunday of March 18
  • The first round Friday and Saturday, April 19-20
  • During the second Sunday, March 21 and Monday, March 22
  • Sweet 16, Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, April 28
  • Lorem week, Monday, March 29, and Tuesday, April 30
  • Final four, Saturday, April 3
  • NCAA championship game, Monday, April 5

Or is there any who are not going to teams and players in the tournament?

In fact, many a conference tournaments with the teams to leave the positive thing which he allows.

A University of Virginia, is technically the defending champion 2019 won the case, it will show seven days of tests at the University of Kansas will be eligible to play positive.

the Ivy League does not play Covid-19 at the time.

What about the women’s tournament?

The women’s tournament will be held in Texas in five locations in the the army of the city of San Antonio, and in Austin and San some games.

Also it is one more than the other years because of the beginning of the first in the schedule for the day round. This year there will be some of the first games on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the championship contest is coming on April 4.

The ability to be in the last four rounds fan games weighed on both the 17% The size arena, the NCAA said February.