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Covid vaccine hearing with Fauci: Live updates




Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images
Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images

President Biden’s response to the coronavirus will be the first and central one in today’s House hearing.

The White House is competing to force and prepare for a fourth increase in coronavirus as the most transmissible coronavirus variants distributed by the United States – investing billions of dollars to increase coronavirus readiness, accelerate the pace of vaccinations, and work to prepare the public and governors for the prospect of another increase.

In what would be a first, the White House is working out plans to elevate vaccines to emerging points in an attempt to take advantage of the virus’s trajectory and protect those at higher risk, two senior administration officials told CNN.

While the number of daily coronavirus cases continues to decline and more than 2 million Americans are being vaccinated daily, the Covid-19 White House response team has prepared for the worst.

Officials have been looking for data to chart the trajectory of the virus, plotting different scenarios and drawing up plans on how the federal government would take action.

“All we do is keep in mind the thought that there could be another increase,” said a senior administration official, who summed up the administration’s efforts to fight the virus and prepare for an increase.

This approach has increased in recent weeks as the decline in new daily cases slowed and narrowed to a worryingly high level.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the most transmissible variant B.1.1.7, which was first identified in the UK, will be the dominant strain in a few weeks. There are also concerns about local government officials and officials prematurely easing public health restrictions in a number of states.

A fourth wave would be the first From President Biden surveillance and an important test for the new administration. And while some limitations remain, including the poor authority of state and local officials over federal government when implementing public health restrictions, half a dozen Biden administration officials told CNN they believe the federal government is better prepared than ever to deal with a rise.

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