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Cuomo’s strategy for getting through scandal: Focus on his job




so much While the charges of sexual Cuomo turn round and round, which showcased the war here on Monday in a visit to a mass vaccination site in Long Island, where they comment on the accusations, but instead focused on fighting the pandemic in the battle, which has approval ratings skyrocket in 2020.

“He’s focused on the budget, and is focused on getting vaccines is focused on the arms and at the time of opening the economy, and that, and rebuild after the economic crisis,” the minister said, when asked about the governor Cuomo 47 Headspace. “Who are the foci of the ball and which operates daily progress.”

These are three issues that are the property of individuals on behalf of the governor that distraction and they come together at the lowest point, just months after the time of His public life, a number of the decades-long arguably the When high-drink. However, those close to him say anything about this crisis in the Democratic Only by focusing on those New Yorkers hoping that the job will need to stand by.
This is why Cuomo was speaking before the cameras Monday, launched into a long monologue about the coronavirus vaccine, because she thinks that the injection is usually in the Black Church to “make it” and the weight of the state’s budget. Cuomo warned New Yorkers of Hurricane Sandy impactFrom 2012 superstores that led to the death of at least 24 people, and how New Yorkers came together in the “dark, dark time people.”

“Sometimes God is in you, and knocks at the back end and the other gold. Either the rear end of life comes and knocks you for one reason or another. So it becomes. Things happens,” he said, waxing philosophical. “The question is when do they get knocked into the rear end. “

This takes say Cuomo feels the way back up to that time.

“That was by his longtime girlfriend ethos,” said the Minister. “This is what I always felt it important to remember that sometimes you have to get knocked home and at work. ‘

Cuomo’s determination to focus on pushing the job New York Democratic establishment This service is widely study disiento blanket was placed outside the state, with a majority State Assembly congressional delegation and a large force is already calling for his resignation.
The members of the Assembly shall return to those who had received his sight Cuomo refuse to yield and went along the preceded, however, there is nothing, as if it has been changed, that of the war is clear.

“It is in the nature of its brand. … I am not surprised that this person has taken, “said Jonathan Rivers, a freshman Democratic Assembly member from Buffalo to district Cuomo, who is to resign.” But I think it is the duty of the State Assembly and State .. . the senate is allowed to do everything to instill trust in the government. I think that this administration has lost the trust of the people. “

And while Cuomo calls for the report to reflect a growing unease over the Democrats are staying on the job into perspective, it would compel the office that collects and is uncertain. Democratic government has to wait for the state Legislature to match content from one business issues State Attorney General James Joy Assembly and the other about to judge you, Carl Heastie speak, before formally beginning to run their course impeachment process.

“I say that if the fact that I do not act quickly,” said Heastie. “But I think that he might have returned to the decision in a week or two weeks or a month will have been unfair investigation process.”

The ability of those investigations running weeks, maybe months, Cuomo does not allow to continue passing the budget and distributing vaccines focused on the plow ahead with the accusations against him fade into the front page. State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart girls in the family, said Tuesday that he believes most of its members have gone to Cuomo force in itself does not move faster searches.

“I can not believe that it is fitting, you know how much it is and how long the process might take it up. I do not,” said Stewart girls in the family, before conceding that the tens of thousands to do the job and stumbling! difficult to manage. “And it was clear to me that I think the opinion of the President, which, again, just to resign many allegations – whether it’s nursing home data or sexual harassment. There’s really future, unfortunately, not so much in any circumstance be the most distracting. “
Biden says Cuomo should resign his mind on it, if the investigation of the allegations of sexual harassment,

However, Cuomo’s campaign got a session of the state Democratic Party on Monday with the Chair Song Jacobs urged members to focus on the crisis at hand, namely the budget and the pandemic is what many call to Cuomo in Albany go.

“We are on that does not understand the command hanging there, but he has to continue to run,” Jacobs told CNN. “You can jump up and yell, and with me and want to regularly go away, but you just have to not do it” .

Jacobs, who had been speaking to the writing of the deeds of the martyrs in the war, the leaders were due to the Acaunensium Cuomo can not be blessed with the power to do something else than the less mindful of is used first. Some in the seat Cuomo said that “concerned” about the allegations and “not from taking this ‘no’, they do not feel nothing wrong.”

“If you do not want to resign, that you should not feel like he does not see any other way of demonstrating to the people of the state that you can do the job they’re doing the job,” said Jacobs.

Maecenas, and J. Hunter, himself the companion of a Democratic Congress Syracuse area, has been testified of by means of which Cuomo, at least in some of the calls to the legislators, who strikes the anvil, he sent the focusing not on the allegations against him. What was hunting with the governor of that week before vaccination in areas of the district. During her conversation recalled that the substance of the disaster is still not over but have already resigned to release it.

“I did not reach me to do something,” he says. “We were having a conversation about the vaccination areas in the country, and actually not and would not say … I said, and this is the state where I am.”

Cuomo added hunter said, “OK” and “not me” and not “offer any information about things going on.”

“That does not need to be stopped,” Huntsman said. “The constitution is not necessary.”