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Current WWE Superstars including Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar are grossly underpaid – Reports




Obviously Becky Lynch there is no big, fat greedy WWE contract though?

There has been a lot of talk lately about a new WWE contract Brock Lesnar got a return to the company at SummerSlam. Becky Lynch’s current WWE contract was announced last night on RAW as the reason other talents were recently released.

However, according to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition Wrestling Observer Radio, many of the current WWE talents (including Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar) are greatly underpaid:

“Becky Lynch is underpaid. There is no person on this list who is not overpaid. Including Roman Reigns, including Brock Lesnar on the issue,” Dave Meltzer said. “Based on, if you’ve played any sport, and the amount of revenue you make, the amount of revenue you generate, when you talk about the percentage that WWE guys get compared to, even UFC fighters, who are terribly underpaid. How much does a reserve player generate in To the NFL team? Nothing, but because the players are playing the game and the players are playing, they get 50%. “

Dave Meltzer says WWE superstars are underpaid

Meltzer went so far as to say that an unknown player in the NFL still earns more than someone like Drew Gulak on the WWE roster. When you compare WWE to other big sports, the pay gap opens your eyes.

“So the unknown NFL player still makes a lot more money than Drew Gulak, just for example,” Dave Meltzer continued. “They’re all very underpaid based on sports standards. Forget the NBA, these guys make incredible money, but on any sports franchise they get about 50% of the revenue. In the WWE it’s under 10%. So you can put everyone’s salary up. increase five times and then you get a level where you’re equal to other sports. And to do that, the company would still be wildly profitable. “

In a world where the WWE cites budget cuts as the reason for all the releases in recent years, it’s sad to think that the people who work there aren’t earning what they deserve.

What do you think of Dave Meltzer’s comments? Do you believe that most WWE lists are underpaid? Let us know your opinion by contacting us in the comments section below.

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