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D2R Max Skill Fire Druid WITH New Act 3 Mercenary



4 different iterations of the fireI’m curious, Druid, to find out whether or not the forecast I made in this content will actually come to pass. This is because the timer for the global cooling time was changed, and as a result, we have just finished running eight cows through the player for a total of six minutes. The most essential detail is that we sat there and eliminated all of the surplus bags. These Diablo 2 runewords are unaffected by either type of damage that we deal.

Because I stationed our mercenary too close to the Cow King, it is imperative that we bring him back to life. There are still slightly more than six minutes left for us to completely clear the map. Now, in the version of this content that I created from scratch, we do not have a Druid who is completely geared up. At this point, Let me show you how to list your skill choices item by item and how I came to my conclusion based on the equipment that is currently available. The top moon at this location will produce a resistance value of -35. Because our Griffin is currently more powerful, it will take +5 damage from elements and -5 damage from lightning; therefore, we decided against giving it a face here.

Inside, we do have the skin of a face Viper mage, and then there is also the etheric spirit. Because of this, they have a certain amount of FCR and additional skills, and they also receive some additional survivability from the resources. The crucial point of 99 FCR has been reached by our druids at this point. We make use of hodo enigma for long-distance transmission, Amara’s additional skills for resin, and soul alder for running, walking, and leading a peaceful life. The trick begins with a ring, then moves on to a spider web, and finally the magician. There is a significant space missing at the base. In the slot for the glove, he is the best player.

Then there is the allure of nihilism, followed by the torches of the Druids and the imperfect life skiers. Now, what I think really brings this bill together is that it highlights the power of these physical damage skills that we have, as well as the crack flicker flame. This is what I think is the real driving force behind this bill. I created a flicker flame that I believe works exceptionally well with this construction. Even though we have a mineral in the enemy’s negative resource, I have tried several times to throw it, but there is nothing you can do about it.

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  • The doomsday volcano in the rift valley is obviously your primary source of area-of-effect damage; however, the relatively constant speed of doomsday around you and the volcano give us additional sources of physical area-of-effect damage and increase our overall flame damage
  • When the entire screen that we exchange is covered with AoE damage types, we use summoning arms and ELF monarchs, as long as we can enhance ourselves and our mercenaries and summoners
  • We can make them our tank bears or skills, and initially, I thought that owning a tank would gather monsters together and reduce our DPS

We discovered that it is very important to have at least one point on the grizzly bear, which is why the mercenary in Act 3 is the only other target on the ground. This means that if the monster doesn’t look at us, the mercenary is more likely to try to run in a way that is determined by AI or use lightning control bolts, whereas if no monsters target mercenaries, they will use static more frequently. Because the bear running out between our teleport jumps indicates that mercenaries are basically safer and use static more frequently, we try to use static for as long as possible. Mercenaries are useful for two reasons: first, they can save you some runes, and second, I have reason to believe that when considering static attack, you may believe that there are other options for the whole field at maximum range. Mercenaries can help you with both of these things. A static range of 18 yards is associated with mercenaries.

I just wanted to let you know how long 18 yards are. Soon, I will draw a small circle on the screen so that you will know that the top and bottom of the screen, the left and right sides of the screen, and the corner of the screen are approximately 16. 5 yards away, and that the corner of the screen is approximately 22 yards away. The static will affect approximately 95 percent of the entire screen if you draw an ellipse from the top of the screen. The only thing that will be missed by the radius is that the absolute value corner and those monsters are not involved in technology. They don’t even make decisions involving artificial intelligence, which is why they haven’t arrived at this stage just yet. Why is it so important for Mac to use static field to enhance your damage, and why do you keep repeating the fact that there is physical damage in your skills, so that you can understand that I just want to quickly summarize the cracks and volcanoes, You need to understand a very important mechanism in order to figure out why you can’t put them directly on another, why it may feel cumbersome, or why you don’t get as much damage as you expected.

There are no other skills that can cause damage to the monster until the timer ends, so let you know that the actual skill’s volcanic center itself has a 10 frame next hit delay, while the meteor from it has a 5 frame next hit delay. Cracks and volcanoes have a side called next hit delay, which means that if the monster is hit by the next hit delay skill, there is no other skill that can cause damage until the timer ends. They will not be able to lessen the power necessary to throw the volcano into the crack if the monster is struck by the volcanic Center for a quarter of a second or longer. When the first skill hits them, the other two components of skill damage are rendered temporarily ineffective against them for a period of time. It is one of the issues that even if monsters are immune to the damage type, if they are hit by the next hit delay skill, they still can’t bear the damage. This means that if you fight monsters that are immune to fire, they will walk through the crack when it is activated. If I apply all three of our AOE effects to the field at the same time, then the players won’t take any damage from the volcano or its meteors anymore. You start to get a better idea of the sphere of influence that we have when it comes to causing damage.

The cracks are, without a doubt, the primary cause. The world that we live in will eventually come to an end. Volcanoes will result if you divide it up in this way. It is accurate to say that you are now able to hit more than 70 parts of the screen at any given time with your damage processing ability, and Fisher’s ability is fantastic.

There is still a delay in it. You will only be able to cast it once every two seconds; however, if you teleport or do nothing else during those two seconds, you will be able to continue casting it. This will cause volcanoes to start erupting at the edges of the screen, dealing additional damage and slightly expanding your total fire range. You focus on the path by looking through the cracks. Now, the issue with cracks is that if monsters don’t walk through any rapids that open on the ground, they won’t be hurt, because they are in the general area, you will see that any place without cracks won’t be hurt, This is the reason why it is very important to continuously transmit and move the backpack through the crack. Molten boulder is, in fact, a useful tool that can be used to move the backpack back to the crack. Molten boulder will cause physical damage and flame damage when rolling, and then cause greater damage when exploding, leaving a flame range that will cause tick damage, which will push the monster through the crack, even if the monster isn’t walking. If they are pushed back into the crack, they will also be hurt. When rolling, molten boulder will cause physical damage and flame damage. When exploding, molten boulder will cause greater damage.

If they pass through any open vent on the ground, this indicates that when you play the game, you will be able to cover the entirety of the majority of the screen with the continuous area-of-effect damage, which indicates that over the course of time, each monster will sustain some damage. Once they have gathered together, if you have a specific tank monster, you have the ability to: Or, they are immune to the static electricity that is emitted by your mercenaries, and they do a little lightning damage in your lava, so start focusing your attention on them with cracks. This allows you to continue to obtain a very good source of damage, as the lava does not have a next hit delay. It is possible for you to drop a volcano directly on the target. After that, the molten boulder will pass through it, which will increase the additional physical damage surface. Concurrently, your bear will knock the target back into your crack. Your mercenary has been standing still over there, and the general consensus is that you need to eliminate player 8 in this scenario, particularly if you are engaging in density destruction.

It can only be done in this manner, etc. Please keep in mind two different aspects. One of these is the difference in descent opportunity between player 5 and player 7, which arises from the fact that the opportunity for descent will only increase in settings with an odd number of players. You should almost ignore the fact that you should not cultivate the entire area except for the player’s day and night experience. This is because you should focus on the player’s day and night experience instead of cultivating the rest of the area. In addition to the player’s day and night experience, you should almost ignore Diablo 2 runes if you want to get the player’s day and night experience. If you want to get the player’s day and night experience, you should get it. Then there is the fact that we are the Druids with the second fastest breakthrough point and that we have a variety of damage types, which means that we are not restricted to cultivating particular damage areas. We do not rely on infinity to overcome the resistance of the area; instead, we enter it. If there is anything that can be destroyed by fire, we will throw cracks at it and let the clock run down on it; if there is anything that fire cannot destroy, we will ignore it. We have the ability to reach level 51 in both the doomsday and volcanic skills because we threw the volcano onto the molten Boulder, and our mercenaries are currently using the flashing flame to help it stand still. This gives us the ability to level up.

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