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Dallas convention center to be used to shelter migrant teenage boys




A Convention Center Kay Bailey Hutchison time anyone has come to the shelter by teenage boys alone Mexico-US border official said.

Rocky Vaz, Director of Office Management Exposition at Dallas, described the facility as a “decompression center” and city leaders were told to children ages 15 to 17 “to help relieve overcrowding currently on the border,” according to the memo.

plans; The first reported by the Associated PressThe administration tried to put the latest numbers without actually free at the Mexico-US border. Everything was safe and without adding a space, within the term has been the capacity to be increased in the same strain.
In order to be said of Sunday, they were there 4,200 with children; in the custody of the US Border Patrol.

“We are examining a range of options to ensure a safe and without a free and universal drive for each of the facilities,” a State Department of Health and Human Services told CNN. “This offers more options includes licensed to continue the line of beds, increasing capacity in bed for Carrizo Springs Care Facilities influx is flowing and utilizing readily Exposition attraction Sites such as that opened yesterday in San Antonio, Texas.”

lawyers He spoke facility, about a dozen children held at Border Patrol Texas said the kids were terrified and crying, worried she could not talk to the family members. Some people they had not seen the sun for many days. Others, outside of a few to go, if the happy 20 hours.

Patrol the ability to cut down on the young men, and fits to which he wished to find a sure stay with his senior officials have been requisitioned from the process of the fall, yea, takes care of children, adults.

HHS recently opened a new emergency situation to Texas to an attraction to children growing numbers crossing to the Mexico-US border alone, the department said.

Over the weekend, National Security Council Secretary Alexander leader Mayorkas Federal Exposition to be tapped Management Agency to help move it through the process of getting some of those shelters are more suited to the Border Patrol custody. And assistance is powerful capability to expand, as well as to provide food, water and basic medical care, an agency spokesperson said.

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