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Daniel Cormier can’t help but laugh at the “eye poke” meme pairing him with Leon Edwards




Daniel Cormier can’t help but laugh at the death meme that connects him to Leon Edwards.

By going to his official Twitter account, Daniel Cormier shared a meme containing images of the interaction between him and Leon Edwards after the latter’s recent fight against Belal Muhammad.

Cormier – ex UFC a heavyweight and welterweight champion who currently serves as part of the UFC’s commentary team – was photographed with Edwards after his fight against Muhammad.

The meme, which Cormier posted on Twitter, used several photos of his interaction with Leon Edwards. Fans can check out the meme and Cormier’s statement below:

“Once again the champion (internet) remains undefeated smdh @Leon_edwardsmma”

As noted in the meme, the first image shows Cormier shaking hands with Leon Edwards and congratulating him on the eye. Cormier’s dialogue in the first image was as follows:

“Hey, Leon, it was a horrible attempt.”

This was followed by another picture showing Daniel Cormier hugging Leon Edwards. This picture contains Edwards ’response in which he thanked Cormier and said that praise for pricking the eye means a lot from DC. Edwards’ dialogue read as follows:

“Thank you, DC. That means a lot from you, man. “

This is believed to refer to the blows to the eye that Daniel Cormier landed on Stipe Miocic in their first fight, which Cormier won in the first round of KO at UFC 226 in July 2018.

It is also a reference to the eye sting that Cormier suffered from Miocic in their trilogy fight, which DC lost by a unanimous decision at UFC 252 in August 2020.

It should be noted that neither Daniel Cormier nor Leon Edwards actually said what was described in the meme. Cormier suggested that the memes were joking, not what was actually being said during their interaction.

Leon Edwards v. Belal Muhammad ended up for eye torture

Belal Muhammad after a fight against Leon Edwards
Belal Muhammad after a fight against Leon Edwards

UFC Fight Night: Edwards vs. Muhammad battle card is titled a match in the light heavyweight division Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad. The match ended in the second round after Edwards ’peek led to Muhammad being disabled and incapable of fighting.

The fight was declared no competition (NC) and Leon Edwards subsequently stated that he would like to continue with it and fight for the UFC light heavyweight title next time.

However, Belal Muhammad criticized Edwards for not agreeing to his demands for an immediate rematch. Muhammad believes the duel’s next fight should be a rematch of each other to determine a clear winner.

Posted March 17, 2021, 6:21 AM IST