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Democrat goes on Fox and calls them out for obsessing over meaningless nonsense




There are few things more enjoyable in the world of politics than watching the talk Fox News completely damned by someone who doesn’t want to swallow the garbage they regularly release as commentary. Earlier today, Democratic strategist Chris Hahn did just that when right -wing radio host Kevin McCullough attacked U.S. Climate Czar John Kerry in a photo of him on a plane without covering his nose and mouth.

The image has gone viral in the conservative media sphere and the same hacks claiming that asking people to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 is a violation of individual freedom are now pretending to be in bad faith to take care that once Kerry took his mask off

As Kerry herself has explained, her mask dropping is “temporary” and she always wears her mask because she knows it saves lives.

Ang Fox News the segment began with a clip by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) slapping Kerry for being “militant and holy grail” to people who for some inexplicable reason refused to wear a mask. Immediately after, McCullough tore at Kerry and asked “why he’s so good,” suggesting that Kerry removed his mask for the entire flight rather than a brief moment. Host Harris Faulkner echoed the sentiment at which point Hahn might have responded.

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“I love gotcha politics,” Hahn said, accurately describing the pathetic outrage over the Kerry photograph.

“He could have removed his mask in a second. Who knows. But the bigger thing for me is that U.S. senators have nothing to complain about Joe Biden because people are so happy with him,” Hahn continued. they choose to fight over whether or not John Kerry wears his mask for the entire flight. Hallelujah! Biden was calm. Everyone should be lucky. They want us to hate each other, let’s not do that. “

Hahn encouraged viewers to wear their masks. Faulkner, who seemed uncontrollable, told viewers: “Don’t be like John Kerry on a commercial flight for which it was commissioned.” He then went on to speculate without evidence that the photo suggests he must have had the mask on for “more than a second.”

“He can get a video if it’s more than a second,” Hahn interjected at the time McCullough cited the person who took the photo who said the mask was off for “more than a few seconds,” as if some random conservative snap hidden photos of John Kerry on a plane are somehow a credible resource.

Hahn admitted that Kerry should not have been photographed not wearing his mask in public but said the speech around the subject was humorous.

“It shows how little to complain about. They want to complain about something so here’s something to complain about,” Hahn said.

Watch the segment here.

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