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Details on Andrade’s trademarked new ring-name and look after leaving WWE – Report




One of the biggest stories that creates waves is Andrade who seeks his release from WWE. The former NXT champion was ‘miserable’ in the WWE after they stopped using him and he wants to quit. According to a recent report, Andrade has already reported a trademark for a name he could use after leaving the WWE.

Andrade is a U.S. trademark of “La Sombra” and will most likely use it after it finishes with the WWE. Andrade is a Mexican sensation and used to wrestle under the name La Sombra in Mexico.

According to Dave Meltzer from wrestling observer newsletter, Andrade will probably return to his masked look from the time he wrestled in Mexico after finishing WWE. Although he agrees that it is unusual for Luchador to return to the mask after removal, he can still do so.

“For the United States, it’s a trademark of the name La Sombra, so it seems that his goal is to use that name. He can’t work without a mask in CMLL because he lost his mask before he went to WWE, actually because he went to WWE “But Rey Mysterio lost his mask and fought without a mask for years, then he went to the WWE and put on the mask again and that was the best thing for his career, and it could do the same for Andrade.”

Will Andrade team up with Theo Trinidad after leaving WWE?

If Andrade is granted release by WWE, with the former manager Zelina Vega aka Thea Trinidad has also been released, there is a high probability that the two could team up. Dave Meltzer said Andrade will probably have to wait until his contract expires before he can leave the company.

Andrade has a lot of potential and going back to his roots will help him establish himself after he finishes his WWE contract.

Posted March 19, 2021, 6:33 PM IST