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Does Mandibuzz have any uses in Pokemon GO?




Generation V analogous to Umbreon Pokemon GO, Mandibuzz may not have great stats for attacking play, but it can play great on defense, especially in PvP fighting leagues such as the Grand or Ultra leagues.

While it can still be used in attack for PvE situations, Mandibuzz just doesn’t work well in them compared to other offensive-minded Pokemon that match its Dark / Flying type like Yveltal.

However, his best 35 maximum endurance and above-average defense are the reason why he was coined in many circles as “Flying Umbreon”. If you play Mandibuzz in PvP, it’s easy to see why it compares to defense-oriented Eeveelution in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: The movement corresponds to Mandibuz

Optimizing the Mandibuz movement is ideal depending on what role the coach wants to put it in (Image via Niantic)
Optimization of the Mandibuz movement is ideal depending on the role the coach wants to put it in (Image via Niantic)

Although Mandibuzz is not ideal for PvE in attack, he can still perform well in defensive terms as a defender in the gym.

Because Pokemon and combat-type moves are popular among gym attackers, Mandibuzz can optimize its set of moves with moves like Air Slash and Aerial Ace to get the same type of attack bonus (STAB) to the detriment and also Defeat Pokemon combat type with super effective damage.

It didn’t fit perfectly, but Mandibuzz can do the job when invited in some PvE situations. It is much more desirable to use this Pokemon in Pokemon GO’s Great and Ultra League PvP, where it really shines.

Using movements such as Snarl, Foul Play, Aerial Ace, and Air Slash, Mandibuzz can fluctuate between greater damage with Air Slash and greater energy production with Snarl.

Foul Play is Mandibuzz’s PvP move, but Aerial Ace provides solid coverage of flying moves that can have advantageous advantages when fighting Pokemon like Fighting, Grass or Bug. All of Mandibuz’s moves that can be learned except Shadow Ball provide STAB, providing solid damage despite low attack opportunities.

Thanks to his defense and endurance in Pokemon GO, Mandibuzz does not necessarily have high attack statistics, as his opponents will be drawn into a war of attrition against him.

Much like Umbreon, Mandibuzz has great stamina and can withstand beatings, forcing opponents to either take advantage of his type’s weaknesses or try to bring out another Pokemon that can surpass him, which is not an easy task in Pokemon GO. Ultra League.



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