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Dominic Thiem says “beating Rafael Nadal at RG is not in my hands”, refutes claims that his US Open win lacks credibility




Dominic Thiem recently spoke to the media on the eve of the start 2021. Dubai Tennis Championship. Thiem touched on several topics, including the possibility of confrontation Rafael Nadal at the French Open, and also explained why he thinks his triumph at the US Open deserves full credit.

Dominic Thiem has faced Rafael Nadal 15 times in his career, winning six times. However, the Austrian never managed to get Nadal out at Roland Garros.

In their four matches in Paris, Dominic Thiem won a total of one set. At his press conference in Dubai Thiem talked at length about the challenge of defeating Nadal, calling it “one of the hardest things in tennis”.

According to Dominic Thiem, even if you are absolutely flawless against Rafael Nadal at the French Open, you still have to hope that the Spaniard will lower his level.

“I mean, it’s just one of the hardest things in tennis; in sports in general,” Thiem said of his victory over Nadal at the French Open. “So I think that day everything has to be perfect. And I think the only way to improve in general is to improve all aspects of the game.”

“Playing perfect tennis on a clay court is now the only chance,” the Austrian added. “But even then, I don’t think it’s in my hands; it’s still in his, (so we have to) hope it’s not his best day. So I think there are so many things to work on to have it there. chances . “

Moving on to his first Grand Slam victory at the US Open 2020, Dominic Thiem claimed that his series of titles was no feat even though he did not face Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer.

Dominic Thiem with his title at the US Open 2020
Dominic Thiem with his title at the US Open 2020

To highlight his point of view, Dominic Thiem launched an era before the ‘Big 3’ and wondered if the tournaments players won before the mid-2000s had anything less than they do now.

“No one knows if I’d win it, but well, I have a title that counts,” Thiem said. “And also of course, the Big 3 are the Big 3. But I mean, there was a time before them; no one asks if the Grand Slam title was worth less or more then or the same as it is now.”

“No, I mean, the Grand Slam title is worth the same all the time, and you just don’t need to think about it,” he added. “Because, well, my name is there on the trophy and it’s always going to be and it doesn’t matter who I beat, who was there or anything else.”

My foot injury is getting a little worse on hard ground: Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem
Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem’s leg has been a real source of trouble for the 27-year-old for the past few months. There were cases when Thiem had to give up the tournament (Paris Masters) and when he could not play his best (against Grigor Dimitrov at the Australian Open).

Asked if Dominic Thiem was getting worse when playing on hard pitches, the Austrian answered in the affirmative. Thiem then described the extent of his injury, revealing that it was a condition that plagued him from a very young age.

“Yeah, of course, I mean, on hard ground it’s a little worse, as well as on clay,” Thiem said. “I can get it out. And that is, it’s a slightly softer surface. But I mean, I have, I’ve had a little bit of pain in there for many, many years, actually, from a very young age. And that’s why it’s not bothering me too much.”

“Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it’s better,” the Austrian added. “But from now on, it looks like it won’t be a bigger problem. And I hope it stays that way.”

Posted March 14, 2021, 6:38 PM IST