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Don Jr.’s tweet about the “Pee Tape” and Hunter Biden sprays back in his face




The Republican obsession with President Biden’s son Hunter is borderline pathological. They enjoy mocking his past struggle with substance abuse, displaying a disgusting capacity for brutality in the process, and seemingly thinking that every little news story about him is politically relevant.

The irony is that unlike Donald Trump’s unassuming offspring, Hunter was not embedded in his father’s administration. He’s not jet-setting around the world like Don Jr. or Ivanka who plays the part of a diplomat. The man deserves to be left alone but because of President Biden’s incredible victories so far right-wingers have been prevented from launching any kind of powerful attacks on his White House they have been forced to attack. his son on trivial issues.

Donald Trump Jr. has once again followed Hunter Biden on Twitter. Probably reacting to the tabloid coverage of a new leaked video showing Hunter discussing a stolen laptop and videos of himself having sex, Don Jr. jokes that the “Russian Pee Tape probably just happened to Hunter. ”

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The formerly unhappy son of the former president refers to widespread rumors that there is a video of his father engaging in urine-related sexual activities with prostitutes. There is speculation that the tape exists and was used by the Russian government to blackmail Donald Trump . But there are no such allegations of “peeing” against Hunter Biden, so Don Jr. jokes. does not make entirely sense. All he did in his tweet was remind the world of the allegations against his father.

Beyond this point, why is he so obsessed with Hunter’s sex life?

Twitter users were quick to use the asinine tweet as an excuse to unleash a barrage of satire and criticisms of Donald Trump Jr. Some users have also insisted that Trump’s infamous “pee tape” exists – proving that Jr. would be better off just not bringing up one of the most embarrassing rumors about his father in the first place.

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