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If you use Instagram regularly and want to have extra features in the app, here is the real answer. Instagram APK is a modified variant of the official Instagram app, but with many additional features that you want daily. Instagram APK allows you to use your Instagram account with more freedom. You can have those features in this modded app that you loved to have but never had in the past.

Many users around the world have Instagram apps on their devices. However, having Instagram APK on your mobile is not like the ordinary experience others have. This app is just like the official version for Instagram that you have downloaded on your device. Nevertheless, there are handy features with many privacy options in this modded Instagram app. With this modded app, you can do more than what an ordinary official client can.

Having Instagram APK on your device means that you can download photos and videos from Instagram without any hassle. You can even see if someone is following you on Instagram. With this modded Instagram version, you can view the profile pictures in full size. You can even Autostart these videos with sound.

The ability to zoom in on any photo by double-tapping on the photo is a novelty missing in the official Instagram app. Furthermore, just by sliding your finger across the screen, you can zoom in more or move around the photo without any hassle. You can easily download any photo or share the URL with this app. One of the best Instagram APK features is that you can turn on the sound of the videos by default in the app. This is by far the best Instagram app alternative you can have right now. Using this app means that you are having access to the most hidden features of Instagram!

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