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Dragon City MOD APK Download

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Gameplay in Dragon City involves the building of habitats for dragons. You have the activity of hatching dragon eggs in this game. Besides hatching, you can test breeding types of dragons together. By checking and creating new breeds, you make sure that your city of the dragon has the most adorable dragons. The main activities in the game are hatching, building, housing, and feeding dragons. However, you do not have to worry about the enormity of the task. The game features tutorials within the game for you so that you have to follow them for the creation of your city.

This game is straightforward to play, as there is not a plot to follow or goal to achieve in this game. Your primary task in the game is to make money within the game to level up. As your level increases in the game, so the types of dragons in the game increase. The more money and dragons you have in the game, the more the fun is here. Having new dragons in your game is not difficult at all. You can have new dragons by only hatching eggs. Other dragons grow and evolve by your feeding, and you can have great dragons by breeding two different types. You even get new dragons as daily bonuses.

The central money in the game is “gold.” You need gold to do simple tasks in the game. Some of the functions to complete require less gold. However, other jobs require much amount of gold. Getting gold for difficult tasks to require completing arduous tasks, so you can use real-world money to acquire gold.