Square Enix unveiled Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds last year, but the game was due to release in Japan at the time. From this morning we know that this game is coming to the West with an English translation. It is already listed. From the Play Store The closed beta starts on April 7th for pre-registration. Official website.

Above you can see the new English trailer for Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai, and as you can see it’s a mobile RPG attacking opponents in the lane by tapping a card at the bottom of the screen based combat. As expected, you can improve your gear and characters with incremental upgrades, so it looks more or less like a gacha game of collecting weapons (judging by the star rating in the video above). And yes, we already know that there is an automatic combat mode.

The actual draw for Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is that it is based on the cartoon series of the same name. The game continues with the story in the book. So, you can see this title appealing to long-time fans thanks to story-based content and art themed around popular manga series.

Starting today, avid fans can pre-register for Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai through: New Play Store listingIf you want to sign up for the upcoming closed beta, you can sign up. From the official website From March 15th to April 4th. This beta runs from April 7th to April 15th and requires a device with 3GB of RAM and running Android 7 or higher.

We don’t yet know when Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai will be officially released, but the fact that the game will be released in the West, pre-registration is already available, and I think there will be a closed beta next month. It is clear that the game will be released sooner this year, not later.

DRAGON QUEST Dai's Adventure: Hero's Bond
DRAGON QUEST Dai's Adventure: Heroes' Bond