Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston set for high-stakes Raw showdown


Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston are ready for a serious showdown on Raw

Two beloved former WWE champions will battle it out again for the chance to fulfill their golden dream when Drew McIntyre as well as Kofi Kingston I’ll meet you on Raw. The winner will receive the coveted WWE title against Bobby Lashley in WWE Hell in the cell.

The Scottish Warrior and The New Day’s standout characters share a mutual respect, but have demonstrated their superior skills in battle last week. In the final moments, the fights were thwarted by an angry Champion Almighty, whose attempts to regain control of his champion’s destiny were met with a crushing blow from Claymore.

Who will blast their ticket to WWE Hell in the battle for the Cell title and come one step closer to making their way back to the top of the mountain?

Check out this Monday’s high stakes match at 8/7 C on Raw.


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