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Driver hits upwards of 8 people, causing possible fatalities in downtown San Diego, police say




The incident, reported shortly after 9 a.m., happened at block 1400 of B Street, near San Diego City College. The alleged driver initially fled the scene, but was later arrested, Lockwood said.

“The way he drove down the sidewalk, it was like he didn’t take his foot off the gas until he got to the other side of the street,” witness Ronnie Williams told CNN affiliated with KGTV while sitting on the sidewalk.

“I’m like who! Will this guy ever stop?” Williams said the driver got out of his car and hid his face and “accidentally drove away.”

Michael Luke told KGTV that the driver was staying at the spot and looked puzzled.

“I watched the wagon move and things started to show up … and the drag … Horrible,” Luke said.

The investigation is ongoing.

This developing story will be updated.