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Elon Musk is now ‘Technoking’ of Tesla. Seriously




In filing Securities and Exchange Commission regulator and the least favorite, on Monday, Tesla beat, Red deer adding that the title ‘Technoking Tesla “. He also said that Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn had taken the title of” Master of brass. “

Every one, even his title company plus executive I keep myself.

Red deer, once the title of chairman of Tesla, was uncovered in 2018 in the title, who sits on the deceptive tweets sent with the SEC. When he said “funding secured“Tesla to share a private for $ 420, when in fact he had only discussions, no firm agreement on such funding from the Saudi royal wealth of ornaments, with the fund.

SEC to take his CEO title for the first time, but set to pay $ 20 million fine and up to the President for having settled for the title kept in place Robyn Denholm.

The bizarre title changes and shadow separate filing, which disclosed that Jerome Guillen, who was the chairman of Tesla’s automotive division ‘transitioned’ last week in serious chairman of Tesla truck.

What is the tesla Tractor truck semi-electric. However, severely delayed, the Tesla promises to be available in 2019. In January, Red Deer told investors “do not make sense” to build smart now, because it would require only five times as many car batteries to Tesla – does not sell only five times. The batteries is a significant part of the cost of an electric vehicle.

While the title of president Guillen need to Tesla, it is clear that there is a Red Deer company overseeing the need to carry out this function, in addition to the chairman, CEO and chief technology officer of rocket company SpaceX.

From the beginning, the things that are poured down a stag, disruptive of the whole Red Tesla is trying to shift the auto industry you want to change the world, when the internal combustion engine to use than traditional electric vehicles. With this statement, its lowest level so disruptive moves the disclosure Tesla purchased volatile digital currency BitCoin for $ 1.5 billion in cash on hand.
Red deer, has been vocal critics safety measures to combat Covid-19 is that the call to the investor obscenity laced the whole of the winter quarters of the floods, For these reasons, which he called “fascist” and un-American. It is so bad that investors have an encouraging season call in 2018 So from that CFO, who was answering the question of an analyst to say ‘boring, bonehead questions to cool off. Next? “He insulted other questions relating to the call.
It also recently reached out to Twitter to; Russian President Vladimir Putin What to ask if you want to, the app might be with him an interview on the social instruments of the Clubhouse. The fifth and down in the past smoked potAlthough lawful where it was made in California.
What seems to be the occasion of Tesla rapid turnover of top executivesAmong the chief officer system After less than a month left He took the company private office following tweet. However Kirkhorn – with the newly appointed master of the coin – CFO has held the title for two years.

Red deer and investors embraced and tesla, driving up the value of the firm’s most valuable US companies to single out any. Nonetheless, the company has much harder for the world’s seven largest automakers combined.

But what about the stock has been in a rollercoaster late. The closed Friday In 21% , and a record high in late January next door. , That that would be in divers places field bear market – although it was 23% from where it closed on Monday and last week.