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Emma Watson Has A Bob Now, And It Looks So Good




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You want to film an appointment with your hairstylist ASAP.

While there was a year-old, emma has rocked various hairstyles – a signature Hermione Granger waves more as an infant with short skirts.

In her most recent red carpet appearance, whilst with Emma in a chic updo hair all pulled.

Weiss, Wolfgang / Getty Images

But this week, the private entirely new super-do as a player when she stepped out running errands in Beverly Hills.

Emma’s blonde, chin-length, Bob is a great departure from the style most recent, and it looks perfect gems.

The new face of her son would surely the least of them, since thou have not cropped pixie hair of him fall the fans I saw in the soul after wrapping it in Harry Potter films.

After the pixie cut she got it experiments with Emma said that she did not have a chance to hair while filming, and it was time for a “drastic change.”

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

“I do not like to experiment with dyeing my hair off the fears and especially Japan. I also felt right, and I am 20, I am not a little girl anymore. I was in Harry Potter For 10 years, it is necessary to mark the end in some way. There is no need to change the horses, took them from him; And that crop, which was, above all, “she told Metro UK.

Change looks good on her!

Emma’s not you should look for when they depart from the state of “rest” for Instagram sometimes at the same time, hoping it’s the first time here if you are looking for more photos of the new (so that they can take my hairstylist)!

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