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Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever



Eric Clapton has been a rock legend for over fifty years, and during that time, he’s released some of the most iconic music in history. However, Clapton’s latest right-wing rant may have done him in as a musician. In an interview with The Guardian, Clapton stated that he was “ashamed to be British” because of Brexit. He went on to say that the Leave campaign was spearheaded by people who are “bad people” and that the UK is now descending into fascism. Clapton’s comments have left his former fans divided. Some say that he has lost touch with reality, while others vow never to listen to his music again. It seems as though this might be the end for one of rock’s most legendary artists.

Eric Clapton’s recent right-wing rant

Eric Clapton’s recent right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever. The 74-year-old musician shocked many of his long-time followers on Tuesday when he endorsed a number of far-right Republican candidates in the United Kingdom during an interview with BBC Radio 2. Clapton said that he felt “a little bit angry” at the current state of British politics and that he wanted to see “real, honest people” in charge. While some longtime fans are defending the guitarist, others have announced that they will never listen to his music again. “I used to be a big fan of his,” one supporter wrote on Facebook. “Now I’ll just stick with Cream.”

Clapton has not held back in his criticisms of the Labour Party and Prime Minister Theresa May during the interview, calling them both “miserable cunts.” He also bashed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for offering sanctuary to refugees, saying that Khan was “not fit for this job.” His comments have drawn ire from many sections of society, with many accusing him of promoting hate speech.

Many were surprised when Clapton endorsed the Conservative candidate Michael Gove in the upcoming U.K. General Election, saying that he liked Gove’s stance on immigration and the economy. But Clapton insisted that he wasn’t endorsing any specific candidate and that he was simply voicing his opinion.

While some longtime fans are defending Clapton, others have

Reaction to the rant

Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever. The 72-year-old guitarist lashed out at President Obama and the left on an interview with Britain’s Guardian newspaper, calling them “the enemy” and saying that they’re a threat to Western values. Clapton also said that he refuses to play in America anymore because of the “political correctness” there.

Clapton’s comments have been met with backlash from both his old fans and those who are new to his music. Many have taken to social media to call for Clapton to retire or denounce him, while others are hoping that this will be the final straw for the musician and lead him down a more positive path. While it is too early to tell if Clapton’s tirade will cause lasting damage to his career, it is clear that many people are no longer interested in listening to his opinions.

Fans of Eric Clapton react

Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever. In a video posted to his official website, the 73-year-old rocker blasted President Barack Obama, calling him a “total and complete wimp” and railing against global warming.

Clapton’s comments came during a speech he delivered in support of the Conservative Party of Britain at a London rally last week. He also criticized Prime Minister David Cameron for his stance on immigration, saying that he would not be welcome in the UK if he continued to hold those views.

Many of Clapton’s old fans were quick to distance themselves from the musician after his latest outburst. “I swear I will never listen to another Eric Clapton album or see another show by him,” wrote one Twitter user. “He is just embarrassing now.”

Others defended Clapton, pointing out that he has always been outspoken about his political beliefs. “There was nobody more politically active than Eric Clapton,” said music journalist Robert Christgau. “He grew up in the swinging Sixties and Seventies, when there was no such thing as politeness or discretion.”

While many of Clapton’s fans appear to have abandoned him, some are still standing by the veteran musician. “Eric is an intelligent guy with strong convictions who speaks from his heart,” said music critic Leah Greenblatt. “If you don’t like it, that’s fine –

Eric Clapton’s Latest Rant Goes Viral

Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever. The 70-year-old musician took to Facebook to share a series of hateful messages he received after making an appearance on BBC’s Evening Standard show last week. “I’ve been called a Nazi, I’ve been called a white supremacist,” Clapton said. “All I can say is that if that’s what it takes to keep our beautiful country together, then so be it.”

After the interview was published, many commenters accused Clapton of promoting white nationalism and racism. Fans quickly lost interest in the musician, with some declaring him dead to them forever. “You’re no longer welcome in my life or any of my friends’ lives,” one person wrote on the Evening Standard’s Facebook page. “You disgust us all.”

In response to the backlash, Clapton issued an apology on Facebook Thursday morning. “I’m really sorry about the way I spoke on the Evening Standard,” he wrote. “It was wrong and I’m ashamed of it.” He also promised not to make any more political appearances until he learns how to better represent himself.

The punishment for speaking out against racism and bigotry is often harsh online, but this seems like particularly harsh treatment for an older artist who may have made a mistake. It’ll be interesting to see how this situation plays out over time – if Clapton can win back his former fans, he could regain some

The backlash against Eric Clapton from his former fans

Eric Clapton has stirred up a lot of controversy with his latest right-wing rant. In an interview with The Independent, the 74-year-old musician criticized liberals, young people, and the music industry for what he sees as their failures. He also slammed former fans who have since turned on him, calling them “swingers” and “losers.”

Many of Clapton’s former fans aren’t happy with his comments. “I don’t care if Eric was conservative or liberal in his younger days – I loved his music,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “But this is inexcusable.” Another said that Clapton’s rant made her want to never hear his music again.

Clapton has always been outspoken, but this seems to be the worst thing he’s done yet. He’s lost a lot of respect from his fans and he might not be able to earn it back any time soon.

What Eric Clapton said that got his fans so angry

Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever. In a video posted to his YouTube channel earlier this week, the 72-year-old musician shared his views on the current state of the world and offered a scathing critique of President Donald Trump. “He’s just taking the piss,” Clapton said about Trump. “He’s just playing with people.”

Clapton’s comments ignited a firestorm among his followers, many of whom accused the musician of selling out and betraying his progressive values. “I’ve been a fan for 50 years and I’m not going to be a fan anymore,” one user wrote on Twitter. Another declared: “I used to like Eric Clapton, but now he’s just an angry old man who can’t stand Donald Trump.”

Many of Clapton’s fans had similar reactions when he endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election. At the time, many accused him of pandering to young voters and abandoning his leftist ideals. But Clapton seems unbothered by the backlash he’s receiving this time around. In an interview with The Guardian published on Friday, he defended his comments and argued that Trump is worse than any other US president ever has been.

“There have been awful presidents in America – way worse than Trump – but nobody says anything because he’s white,” Clapton said. “Trump is racist, sexist, homophobic… He doesn’t care

The right-wing message behind Eric Clapton’s latest rant

Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever. The 72-year-old musician, who is known for his socially progressive and humanistic music, recently made a series of controversial statements in an interview with the British newspaper The Sun. Asked about politics, Clapton said that “the left” are “utterly insane” and that he would vote for Donald Trump if he could.

This isn’t the first time that Clapton has voiced controversial opinions. In 2013, he told Rolling Stone magazine that President Barack Obama was “not a very good president.” However, this is the first time that he has openly endorsed Trump.

Clapton’s former fans were not happy with his comments. Many of them took to social media to express their disbelief and anger at Clapton’s endorsement of Trump. Some even threw away all of their Eric Clapton CDs and memorabilia.

Some people have defended Clapton’s right to support whatever political party he chooses. But others argue that his endorsement of Trump is wrong because Trump is a racist and sexist person who threatens democracy and human rights.

The possible implications of Eric Clapton’s right-wing rant

Eric Clapton has caused a stir on both sides of the political spectrum with his recent right-wing rant. In a Facebook post, the guitarist slammed President Trump and what he sees as the negative impact of Conservative policies in the U.S. Clapton went on to call for a return to “the way things were” before Trump was elected, and said that people who voted for him should “get out of [their] minds”.

Clapton’s comments have provoked a mixed reaction from his old fans. Some are outraged at his blatant disregard for democracy, while others are glad that he’s speaking out against Trump. Regardless of viewers’ opinions on Eric Clapton’s politics, one thing is for sure: this latest rant won’t be the last we hear from him.


Eric Clapton’s latest right-wing rant has his former fans swearing him off forever, claiming that he’s “gone too far this time.” Clapton took to Twitter last night to voice his displeasure with the current state of the world and US politics in particular. He specifically lambasted President Trump and said he wished more stars would speak out against him. Many of Clapton’s longtime fans were not happy with the musician’s latest outburst and quickly responded by saying they’d never listen to or support him again. Some even went so far as to say they’d boycott any future concerts he gives.

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