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Everything you need to know about bitcoin




There is speculation that more financial institutions to invest in BitCoin, more companies will join. Some people believe that investors hedge against inflation can be good and weak dollar. The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates in March 2020 and severely weakening the US dollar price, BitCoin her.

So if you have been ignoring BitCoin think that it is just like a financial oligarchy and now it’s time to start paying attention. Here’s what you need to know.

BitCoin cryptocurrency was created in 2009 by unknown people, and the other Satoshi Nakamoto. Anonymous transactions are becoming any medium or brokers.

You can use the body, BitCoin – it’s a digital currency. And decentralized’s, which means that the bank is not regulated by the government.

This time is used randomly and Nordea – and that list is expanding quickly.
And there are many who see BitCoin and a good investment. And it’s certainly true that this week, according to BitCoin more than $ 60,000 This week. In January, the official records of the cryptocurrency hit over $ 40,000.

Where he can not buy, BitCoin?

BitCoin is 100% digital. The market is called “BitCoin transactions” allowed people to sell or buy a traditional BitCoin using other currencies. Coinbase leading to the exchange, with Coinmama, CEX.IO Gemini.

To my servant, Whither, BitCoin?

BitCoin is stored in a digital wallet, or in the cloud and your computer. For example, that is near the bank of the account. However, unlike bank accounts, BitCoin founded by FDIC insured does not exist.

Wait, what do you have; of Elon Musk to do this?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has a history of its value tweeting and sending stroke of good help drive the wings and the world’s richest man, very big, BitCoin running.

“I think [bitcoin] almost no one is getting wide acceptance of convention ‘ Red Deer, said in a recent interview In the audio-only social app Clubhouse.

And not long after that Tesla’s relationship with Crypto formalized into corporate announcements started flowing.

BitCoin safe is it?

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency why so volatile, very dangerous. For example, in January, BitCoin’s value rose to $ 42,000, fell to $ 30,000, then rose again to $ 40,000 – in the course of a week.

And there is something in himself to the danger from the digital currency: A server hacked, the file from the lost password, deleted or does not exist the basis of money lost to him; all ages.

– Paul R. La Monica CNN’s Chris Isidore, Tal Yellin Ziady attention to this report and Anna.