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Exclusive: Nassau SPCA seize puppies from store accused of selling sick dogs




Baldwin, Long Island (WABC) – Members of a Nassau County County SPCA seized 11 puppies were locked, unattended unguarded in Baldwin puppy store Monday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, test reporter Kristin Thorne met with only three who recently purchased from the dogs’ Are puppy 4, not only in a few weeks after his death.

“What is most important for us to be one of those dogs. Get them to a veterinarian,” said Rogers Thomas of Nassau County SPCA.

Rogers says, “You puppy 4, are not available in either of Nassau County in New York State. In order Monday afternoon, and officials could not supply that appeared in contact with the owner’s dogs inside and said Rogers was left alone for a while.

Astrid named Mary, who controlled Maltipoo to $ 1,500 in cash to the store by Merrick Road on February 15.

“That night at home, coughing,” said Mary.

Howard, Mary took the dog to the beach animals clinic where the dog was diagnosed with pneumonia and deemed “unfit for sale.”

This read In Long Island, after the manner of the young man delivered the baby, the daughter of a mom in the way of the names of the

Three weeks later the dog died.

“I’m hurt. Who’s still room for 7 years with the puppy cry,” Mary said.

Mary did not immediately contact the owner of the store to refund the price of the veterinary Laoreet payment of $ 4,000, which the owner said she was willing to cover.

“When they send me a bill that he got an automatic text message saying that the number of the works,” she said.

Kally Hirako that Bellrose, the husband purchased for $ 2,000 from a store in the Golden Doodle dog 10 FEBRUARY 30th birthday was a surprise for her.

“Really not too bad cough. However, it took him the following day, “said Hirako.

Buscemi Marcus in the city garden veterinary care underweight the number having a dog running in the present upper respiratory infection found “not fit for sale.”

But the developer said Hirako sent his dog to be euthanized began having seizures several weeks.

Hirako of these bills totaling $ 9,000. Also, the efforts of several times to arrive at a place of refuge, and he says that the lord of the laoreet make payment of the vet.

“And they respond to our phone calls and text messages,” said Hirako.

Nunez said she bought crystal of the sick dog’s you puppy 4. And Maltipoo was a fine day, January 24, but after two days and started throwing could not walk. Nunez said the owner of the store told her dog to bring him up to it.

Nunez said she called two weeks to check on the dog texted the owner and told him the dog had died.

To ask for a place of refuge is the mother of these is called Nunez told the police to her in the store. And the owner to give Nunez’s mother $ 2,000 in cash to cover the cost of kittens.

Test was announced that the owner of the store on Monday morning via text message he was interested in doing an interview about the allegations; but they have not yet responded.

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