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Fan Reactions To “The Wheel Of Time”




This will be new The Witcher?

Amazon Prime dropped an epic fantasy series on November 19 Wheel of Time. It is based on a series of books of the same name, and many have been eagerly awaiting its debut.

Amazon Prime

Looks like viewers will be really loving this series. Believe me not my word! Check out the fan reactions below!

Fans appreciated Henney’s costume!

I didn’t like to have fun or anything (well, perhaps a little despised), but I was rightly inspired by the dress # of Lani from Coreano Hanbok! @danielhenney had on clothing and wanted to be Korean inspired! Representation Matters! #TheWheelofTime #TwitterofTime

Twitter: @LezbiNerdy

Michael McElhatton who appeared with Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones praise is getting

Twitter: @supergride

Who wants to put an end to them at the same time?

Listen, I started playing with Maishara at the end of episode 2 and again with Nynaeve trying to play a poultice with Lan I was just watching! #TheWheelOfTime

Twitter: @sage_afro

Some Great Speeches in Episode 4:

Hoooollyyyy shit. If #WheelOfTime wasn’t sold in the first 3 eps (I wasn’t) episode 4 is incredible. I’m all-in. Fucking cool.

Twitter: @hexsteph

Some great observations about the builders;

So I noticed something about poison crime from book purists about the #WheelOfTime adaptation…and that a lot of people are. Almost as if somehow infected…#TwitterOfTime

Twitter: @Spearman91

Let us all rejoice with this sword and the spectacles of sorcery;

I watched #TheWheelOfTime ep 1-3 with some non readers. Comment highlights: – “Yes this is way better than Game of Thrones.” – “Why are all men so stupid?” “If one dragon has to be human, it will be better.” Loved it, and we will all be tuning back in next week.

Twitter: @Jakyriss907

What do you think? Wheel of Time? Let me know in the comments below!


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