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Fantastic Tourist Places To Visit In Geelong




For as long as anybody can remember, Geelong has been regarded as the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula. The Bellarine Peninsula is a tourist attraction that offers visitors a variety of gastronomic delights, historic sites, and beautiful bays. Because of its image as a family-friendly seaside town, Geelong is sometimes neglected by tourists who are unaware of the area’s many attractions. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to locate any of them anyplace!

Known as a one-stop destination to enjoy, have fun, and spend an amazing vacation in this country. So, if you are planning to explore this place with family, friends, or alone on a solo trip. Without thinking much, start planning, make cathay pacific bookings in any class, and save up to 50% off on one-way & round trips on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, look at the best places to visit in Geelong for amazing sightseeing.

The Botanic Gardens of Geelong have a long and fascinating history.

A short distance from Eastern Beach lies the Geelong Botanic Gardens, one of Australia’s oldest botanical gardens. It’s hard to think that these gardens, some of which date back to 1851, are still home to plants from all over the world. Following the first set of contemporary gardens, you’ll arrive at the gorgeous Rose Garden lawn, which is especially beautiful in the spring.

Taking a dip at Eastern Beach is an excellent way to cool down.

On opposite sides of Port Phillip Water, both peninsulas provide stunning views of the water, which is owing to their proximity to the bay. These views can best be seen from Eastern Beach, which happens to be the city’s greatest beach, making it the city’s best overall location. Having a variety of activities to choose from is a nice feature of this location. Families picnicking on the grass, kids splashing about in the tiny pools, and lovers strolling along the water’s edge are all familiar sights. Anyone may appreciate the beautiful surroundings in this spot, and you’ll find yourself spending much of your time here.

The Baywalk Terminals are located on the Geelong Waterfront.

It’s never a dull moment along Geelong’s waterfront. While passing Eastern Beach, Cunningham Pier, the Baywalk Bollards, and a slew of nearby eateries, it goes parallel to Corio Bay. A trip down the beach in Geelong will provide you with some insight into the city’s past. The bollards that dot the Baywalk are the work of a local artisan who carved and painted them. These bollards commemorate those who have had an impact on the city’s history. Try to see the 104, which is tucked away somewhere along the journey. Good luck!

Geelong is a great place to see some fantastic street art.

If you’re driving through Geelong’s downtown district, you can’t help but see a slew of lit wall paintings. Street art in this neighborhood is as popular as Hosier Lane in Melbourne, with new works being added as old ones are taken down. A number of the town’s murals pay homage to the town’s history, such as “To the Unknown,” a gigantic piece of art that can be seen on Brougham Street and shows an old man at sea.

It’s a blast to go around on a bike along the Bellarine Rail Trail.

The Bellarine Rail Trail is a great option for cyclists of all skill levels, as well as families seeking for a unique outing. Geelong is the starting point, and a 32-kilometer stretch of well-paved and well-maintained bike roads takes it via Barwon Heads before arriving at Queenscliff. There are many places where you may rent a bicycle in the city. For ten dollars a day, you may get a normal bike from Geelong Bike Hire; for fifty dollars, you can rent a mountain bike from them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Geelong or not; they can get them there for you.

A unique perspective may be gained from a flight in a hot air balloon.

Not many people in Geelong are aware that they can go hot air ballooning here, so it’s somewhat of a well-kept secret. If you’d want to go on a hot air balloon ride, Liberty Balloon Flights is the company to go with.


A visit to the historic Geelong Jail is a great way to learn about the city’s rich history, while artists may compare the street art to that in Melbourne. People who like spending time in nature might go for a stroll down the river to Barwon Heads or along the coastline, or they can go to the park to relax with their family. So, why wait? Pack your bags and plan your trip to Australia with AirlinesMap and make your holiday in Australia a memorable experience.

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