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FedEx facility shooter who killed 8 was not motivated by bias, officials say




Officials said Wednesday his motivation was that they believe is to commit murder, and the day of death. The inquiry does not appear that there was a disgruntled former employee also reported.

“Shooter alone knows all the reasons why he committed this horrific act of violence,” said Paul Keenan, an FBI special agent in charge of Clinical office.

“It’s now clear from the FBI is confident that the fixing of book collecting unit consists of behavior and study, did not see the shooter or the desire to go forward call.”

The motivating concern Keenan said investigators, who found the male sex, and those who strike capability.

“He goes as far as male, and tries to prove that he is a man to do such an act fundamentally,” said Keenan. “He tried to which their life on their part, do not fail, moved into the home.”

“On the possibility that in the interest of the soldiers,” added Keenan. “And I had made war without MRes to eat fish, eat breakfast builders did hew them, and prepared, to be an intimate friend that was so. In this way, the capacity of which is, in part, that he can prove himself to be able to produce any thing like this.”

While searching for the shooter’s computers and phones, researchers found that he had seen “World War 2-Nazi kind of learning, according to Keenan.

“It was a very small percentage of these things, the overall view, I believe that over the 175,000 files to the host, to do less than the 200 they were in the field of his computer and the files would be in some place of the most of the soldiers from the German, the German Nazi,” he said Keenan. “But there was no indication there was any process, not to a specific group.

The victims of the April 15 shooting in Marc R. Alexander, 32; Of Samaria, Bonaventure, 19; Amarjeet Johal, 66, jaswinder Kaur, 64, jaswinder Singh, 68, amarjit Sekhon: 48: Charles Smith, 19; And John Weisert, 74, according to police.

He took his own life hole facility.

According to John Childress, acting US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, it was the intention, the shooter “a desire is to commit murder, exacerbated by the death of personal issues.”

Lab technician in the parking lot of mischief place from mass shooting at the FedEx facility.

“We also state in the conclusion that he acted alone, and others were unaware of his plan to commit this offense,” said Childress.

There is no need to refer to the fact that, according to the McCarter was found to be a shooter of the disgruntled, Craig, deputy chief of the Department of investigation Fusce Aliquam to the Metro.

‘Yes, there was some evidence that’s going to FedEx FedEx and other employees and talks to them, “said McCarter.” He resisted showing only the work that he lost his job only by failing to show. “

“As far as we know, we do not believe any connection between him and any of the victims,” ​​McCarter added.

And Clinical Metropolitan Police Department (impdr), Indiana State Police, the FBI, the office of the US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Art marked and ATF all had a hand in the investigation, which is now closed to impdr Chief Ralph Taylor.

Some, such as “exhaustive and expansive investigation,” there are more than 120 named according to McCarter.

CNN’s Steve Almasy, Jason Hanna and Amanda attention Cicero this report.