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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: How to obtain a base icon item in FUT 22




EA Sports has given all FIFA 22 players a unique opportunity to earn a random basic icon release by completing the SBC basic icon upgrade, which began live a few moments ago.

Icons are special items available in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, which consists of former footballers who have achieved legendary status. From Pele and Ronaldinho to Zinedine Zidane and Patrick Vieira, FIFA 22 players can fulfill their dreams of playing as the biggest stars of the past years.

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But playing with an iconic item is easier said than done in FIFA 22. Their legendary statuses, along with their rarity, make these player items very valuable. Even when available in the FUT market, these items usually only go at premium prices.

Tasks, rewards and reviews Base Icon Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

As mentioned above, it is difficult to obtain player icon items in FIFA 22. Upgrading the basic SBC icon gives it a chance to have a basic edition of the random icon for each player who completes the SBC.

The upgrade of the basic SBC icon cannot be repeated, and FIFA 22 players have just under 48 hours to try out the basic version of the icon.

SBC basic icon upgrade tasks

The Base Icon Upgrade SBC to FIFA 22 is a collection of four separate tasks. To get the basic version of the random icon, FIFA 22 players will have to complete all four tasks.

Squad with 85 ratings

  • IF players: Min 1
  • Team rating: Min 85
  • Team chemistry: Min 55
  • Number of players in the team: 11

86-Rated Squad

  • Team rating: Min 86
  • Team chemistry: Min 50
  • Number of players in the team: 11

86-Rated Squad

  • IF players: Min 1
  • Team rating: Min 86
  • Team chemistry: Min 45
  • Number of players in the team: 11

87-Rated Squad

  • Team rating: Min 87
  • Team chemistry: Min 40
  • Number of players in the team: 11

Basic icon Upgrade The SBC will require about 550,000 coins for those to complete it from scratch. For those who use their existing fodder, the final cost of completion will be reduced.

View the basic SBC upgrade icon

The great thing about this SBC is that FIFA 22 players will get an icon to add to their Ultimate Team. But is the high price of a 550k FUT coin worth it? no.

The SBC will donate the basic edition of the icon, which is the lowest available edition. Unless a FIFA 22 player feels happy, this SBC should be better avoided.

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