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 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team market still control the game




The new chemistry system in FIFA 23 grants you a great deal more creative leeway when putting together your FIFA ut coins in this mode. However, EA is continuing to ensure that there are some rules to play by, which indicates that there is still some element of strategy involved.

When it comes to player positions, however, it seems as though all logic has been thrown out the window. I’ll be the first to admit the new system that has been implemented, in which each player is given a primary position, followed by secondary positions that are determined by where they are most accustomed to playing in the real world. It means that if you really want to, you can play Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich at right back, which will free up a central midfielder position for you without removing his presence from your team.

On the other hand, one aspect of the new chemistry system is how stringent it is with regard to a player being in the appropriate position. If you want to use a formation that has two center midfielders but you have a CDM like Manchester City’s Rodri who can only play in that position, he is not going to give you any chemistry on the field. It goes without saying that I do not anticipate reaping the benefits of full chemistry if he is not playing in the appropriate position; however, I do believe that some leeway ought to be given for CDMs to play in CM, LMs to play in LW, and the like.

Having said that, the primary complaint with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is that the market and monetization still control the game. This is by far my biggest gripe with the game. The fact that my first Division Rivals game was against a team that had a 91-rated Marco Van Basten, a 90-rated Rivaldo, and an 88-rated Paolo Maldini is a perfect example of where FIFA is still tripping up when it comes to its player marketplace and pack system.

When someone can have three of the rarest players in the game in their squad on release day, something needs to change. I won’t pretend like I have an answer to this, and the new FUT Moments mode is a fantastic place to earn a new pack or two while you’re warming up. However, something needs to change when someone can have all three of these players in their squad.

However, the fact that EA appears to have actually taken into consideration the problems that were present in last year’s game means that FIFA 23 is one of the best competitive football games that we have seen in a long time. This is due to the fact that all of these innovations have been implemented. The gameplay encourages player agency, and there is greater freedom than ever before to choose your starting line-up for the next Division Rivals to match you play in. When it comes to the rebalancing of the pay-to-win system in Ultimate Team, there is still work to be done; however, we do not believe that the significant update that this mode requires will be implemented in the near future.

The yearly custom, on the other hand, is presenting participants with a fresh challenge this time around. That’s right, EA is going it alone, with an eyebrow-raising name change to EA Sports FC only a year away from being implemented. FIFA 23 marks the final year that football’s global governing body will have any official association with the franchise. Does the final installment of the FIFA series, FIFA 23, live up to the expectations that have been placed upon it? read more.

Ultimate Team, the towering cornerstone of recent years that has muscled its way to the forefront of the series, will take up a significant amount of time for the vast majority of players during their time with the game. The massive collectible card game that gives Pokémon a run for its money and the format that has been the source of both jubilation and frustration for a considerable amount of time now. This year provides the fullest and most enjoyable experience to date, and complaints about previous years’ titles have been heard and addressed.

The Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 23 features the most extensive customization options to date. The outdated chemistry system has been done away with, paving the way for a comprehensive revision. While it is true that you must still adhere to the general league, country, and team connections, it is no longer a barrier to stray from the conventional route.

The chemistry level has decreased from 100 to 33, and while it is still beneficial to acquire as many players as possible who get along well with one another, having Mbappé up front alongside Harry Kane is not going to make your team feel like Accrington Stanley out of the blue all of a sudden.

This in and of itself opens up an entirely new world of team curation; you can have a La Liga masterpiece with Messi powering down the wing, or you can have a Serie A dream with Haaland up top and a towering Neuer between the sticks. The crucial point is that players do not have to be positioned next to each other in order to develop chemistry, despite the fact that it is advantageous to maintain a small team size, which does not, however, completely penalize you as it did in the past. It’s not exactly a fantasy team, but it’s as close as you can get, and that’s cause for celebration.

Even within Ultimate Team itself, there are a wide variety of gameplay modes. Divisions are back to bring out the rage quitter in you, and on the flip side, while Squad Battles give you the choice of choosing your difficulty level, it is a supercharged game against the computer with a reward and progression system that gives you the feel of an online league without the stress.


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