Files by Google has come a long way in the years since its launch. Choosing new features It even withstands the name change. Last year, APK Decomposition suggested a new feature that allows users to view their favorite files and photos, and excluded them from organizing offers, suggesting that they can be collected in folders that are easy to find. This feature is currently being released.

The latest Files by Google update (version 1.0.362806406) arrived on the Play Store yesterday and it activates the Favorites folder. Long press on the file and tap the 3 dots menu ⋮ to find the new “Add to Favorites” button.

left: Add to favorites button, middle: Favorites folder, rights: Favorites collection

When you add an item to Favorites, the folder appears in the collection on the main page. Items added here will not be included in the suggestion when organizing your files, so make sure you don’t accidentally delete them.

left: Android 11 storage menu, rights: File Save Menu (Image Credit XDA Developer)

Recent dismantling XDA developer I found another new feature that might be in the task. Soon you may have your own save menu detailing the space you have in your files and the space you are currently using. As you can see, it looks similar to the menu already built into Android settings. Still, it’s useful to have quick access to this information right within the Files app. This feature can be especially useful on devices with many Android skin versions that tend to hide this menu. Hopefully, this won’t take long to get to the app for everyone.

This update should be delivered through the Play Store, but if not APK Mirror.

Files by Google: Clean up your phone space
Files by Google: Clean up your phone space