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“For some reason, I want to lean towards Ritu” – Aung La Nsang picking Ritu Phogat to beat Stamp Fairtex in Grand Prix Final



Aung La Nsang is working hard, eventually wanting to regain the belts that were taken off his shoulders earlier this year. At a time of failure, the former champion is making a point to catch some amazing ONE Championship fights.

One fight of interest to La Nsanga is the atomic showdown between the former two-time world champion Fairtex brand and the wrestling phenomenon Ritu ‘The Indian Tigress’ Phogat.

Seal and Ritu take part in the finals of the ONE World Grand Prix Championship in the Atom category, which takes place at ONE: Winter Warriors on December 3, live from Singapore Closed Stadium.

Speaking to the ONE Championship in a recent interview, Aung La Nsang shared her choice to win and tells us why. Here is what he had to say:

“I want to lean towards Rita. For some reason, I want to lean toward Rita. But you can’t count Stamp out, you know, you can’t count Stamp out. But I just think Stamp waited a little too long and that Rita is more cautious when it comes to wrestling. He’ll be able to take Stamp off. And that’s why I’m going to lean towards Rita, but Stamp has a great chance against Rita, because of her caliber of blow. I believe she’s had about 100 quarrels, you know, since she was a kid. Very experienced. And one blow or one blow can end a fight, or one elbow or one knee can end a fight. This is a very interesting match and I’m looking forward to it. “

This is a really interesting match, and Aung La Nsang has every right to be thrilled to watch it.

Aung La Nsang didn’t think Stamp Fairtex or Ritu Phogat would make it to the finals

Surprisingly, Aung La Nsang did not believe either of them would get this far.

Now ranked No. 2 in the atomic category, Stamp Fairtex had to beat Alyon Rassohyn and Julie Mezabarba to enter the final round. Similarly, Ritu Phogat overcame the tough challenges of Meng Bo and Jenelyn Olsim to find herself in 4th place in the division.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect Rita or Stamp to get that far, to the finals. I thought, you know, more experienced fighters, like Meng Bo, would be in the finals. But stylishly, they are young, hungry. Stylistically, one is a wrestler and the other a striker. But they are both mixed martial artists. But, you know, the strong side, one grew up in wrestling, the other grew up in Muay Thai. It will all come down to who is able to impose their game plan, and who can deny their opponent’s game. “

The winner of the prestigious tournament will gain the right to face Division Queen Angela Lee for the ONE world title in the women’s atomic category sometime in 2022. Lee is currently deep in training, preparing for his inevitable return to the circle.

Aung La Nsang believes that both Stamp and Rita pose a real threat to the Left’s rule.

“I mean, it really depends on how they prepare for it, how they plan the game, but in terms of expensive skills, I think Stamp’s shot is better than Angelina’s. And as for wrestling, I believe Ritu’s wrestling is better than Angelina’s. So, they have some danger for the ruling queen. And I believe that whoever wins in this will give Angela a good fight, for sure. ”


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