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Fortnite: 5 Times Fortnite has teased Aliens in the past




With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, right around the cornear, players are waiting for the arrival of aliens in the game. Given the leaks, the appearances in the game, and the mysterious promotional materials, the appearance of the aliens is extremely likely.

Fortnite sent secret postcards players in recent weeks. They also sent secret DVDs to content creators and pasted posters on the walls. The only official teaser was a six-second video that revealed almost nothing. However, the promotion for this season was very high, and it seems more than likely that aliens will appear in some way this season.

In this regard, Fortnite has not teased the aliens for the past few weeks. Here are five more times when the aliens were teased long before Chapter 7, Season 7.

Fortnite teased the aliens five times before Season 7

5) Risk Rings in Chapter 1, Season 4

Risky Reels was a popular location in Chapter 1. Players were able to land where there were several stables, houses, and a fairly large movie projector screen. Some live events were even projected on the screen. Season Trailer Chapter 1 showed the aliens, long before the new season.

4) Dusty warehouse

Here in Dusty Depot, something is happening in the sky. There is also a telescope mounted on the roof. Combine that with the fact that Dusty Depot became Dusty Divot and was the center of some research that was going on, and where the meteor hit, the aliens were probably what was being hinted at.

Dusty Depot.  Image via Pinterest
Dusty Depot. Image via Pinterest

3) Seven

Fortnite claims that the seven are the same character, but from different dimensions. They also seem to be an organization whose goal is to stabilize dimensions. The dimensional journey and the existence of the level of intelligence required for these things indicate that they may not be from Earth. Currently, only four have been discovered.

Seven in Fortnite.  Picture via Sportskeeda
Seven in Fortnite. Picture via Sportskeeda

2) Visitor

Visitor was the first of the secret skins from the combat passes. The first chapter was an integral part of the story. The name Visitor implies that he is from another world and this leads directly to extraterrestrial theories. Could Fortnite have planned aliens even before that?

A visitor.  Picture via Forbes
A visitor. Picture via Forbes

1. Alien skins

The most obvious reference to aliens is the inclusion of xenomorph skin by Ridley Scott An alien film series. However, more than this skin seems to be on the other side. For example, in the first chapter, there were astronauts ’clothing on many skins, suggesting that space travel may have been part of the game.

Ridley Scott's alien skin
Alien skin from Ridley Scott movies. Picture via YouTube

Leviathan’s skin also appears to be unearthly. Several accompanying back sealants and other cosmetics also indicate space travel. Could this have been the first notice of aliens in Fortnite?