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Fortnite developers are now cracking down on toxic players in the community, one at a time




Fortnite pro Cody “Clix” Conrod seems to be in the finale. He recently lost his creative code after posting some really controversial tweets.

Creative code is the medium through which Fortnite professionals make money from every purchase their fans make using their code.

Payouts could be literally in the millions that Fortnite plays Tyler “Ninja” Blevins claims to have been stated at one point. During the game with NRG Ronaldo, Ninja explained that, during his peak, he earned close to $ 5 million from the Fortnite Support-A-Creator code, which at least surprised Ronaldo when he heard the discovery.

However, Clix was not so lucky. The young Fortnite pro reported it he lost his creative code, followed by the Epic removal of all creative folders containing the name “Clix”, and by appearance Epic Games may still not be finished.

Why did Epic Games distance itself from Fortnite pro Clix?

It all started after Clix posted a very controversial tweet about tying a girl’s drink to laxatives. The post was taken off Twitter, but again, the damage has already been done. In addition to its creative code, Epic Games also resorted to removing its name from the in-game creative folders.

The Fortnite community stinks of toxicity from both professionals and general players. This isn’t the first time Clix has been toxic on social media, but this may be the last time. Cilx had previously insulted Fortnite’s chief creative officer Donald Mustard in a tweet, but that too has been removed. He also received a warning from Epic Games for placing bets at Fortnite.

Although Epic Games did not take serious action against him at the time, Clix now appears to have crossed the line, forcing Epic Games to take such a measure. Since the incident, Clix has repeatedly said he will be more responsible in the stream and on social media from now on.

He further added that he would begin to set an example, and the suspension of his code was a good lesson to him. By suspending his code, it can be said that Epic Games are a good example of Clix in the Fortnite community. He is currently one of the most popular Fortnite professionals, and the Epic Games that distance themselves from him is something that sends a strong message to the community.

Epic Games has been called out several times before for not caring about toxicity in the Fortnite community. This action against Clix and his toxic behavior on social media is probably the first in many more steps to come.