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Fortnite Drum Shotgun teased in a new Legendary variant




The 16.50 update was released a few hours ago at Fortnite, and since then various leaks have surfaced suggesting that the legendary Drum Shotgun variant has been introduced into the game.

Based on the leaks that occurred, the legendary rifle with a drum was not devastated. Drum Shotgun also has a price estimate, which then means it will be purchased from NPCs. However, there were no references to the iconic weapon in the game files after the 16.50 update in Fortnite.

According to statistics uncovered from the leak, the legendary drum rifle is capable of inflicting 53 damage with each shot, for a total of 212 damage per second at a fire rate of 4 shots every second.

Although weapons are not yet available on the island, it seems certain that Drum Shotgun will return to Fortnite soon.

The legendary drum rifle in Fortnite season 6

Given that there are no references available in the game files for the legendary Drum Shotgun rifle, it is extremely difficult to determine when the weapon will be available in the game. Drum Shotgun has always been an iconic weapon since its release in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 9.

However, the weapon jumped in soon during Season X and has remained in the vault ever since. Despite receiving various changes in the sound of the retreat and the sound of the weapon, the drum rifle was not discovered in Fortnite.

Update 16.50 brought good news to the community. Although there was no confirmation regarding the release, the presence of a price value suggests that the weapon might be available for purchase from the NPC.

There is no doubt that the drum rifle is one of the best weapons for shooting down enemies in battles.

However, as to when weapons could become available in Fortnite, it’s a mystery that only developers in Epic Games can solve. Considering the leak, it is safe to assume that the weapon will return soon, but also whether it will be in it Season 6 or season 7 is a question in everyone’s mind.