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Fortnite Season 6 leaks: Lil’ Octane emote, Llama Rama rewards, new encrypted skin, and much more




Fortnite season 6 leaks have occurred recently via Twitter to reveal encrypted skin, brand new Llama Rama awards and emotion based on Lil ’Octane.

The new season proved to be completely full of new items, game features and skins. Despite launching this week, the leak has not slowed.

Instead, a few moments ago, several new leaks appeared related to items in the game.

Missing Fortnite Season 6 reveals rewards, skins and more for Llama Rama

Starting with a leak related to encrypted skin in Fortnite season 6, @ShiinaBR on Twitter shared the video below.

Lending to a colleague from Fortnite, known on Twitter as @Not0fficer, @ShiinaBR shared the above videos with the Fortnite community.

While leaks usually encounter excitement, this encrypted skin did not receive positive feedback after its great discovery.

Along with this skin, another leak has emerged that has gained the approval of Fortnite Season 6 players. Information has just been announced that the Llama Rama awards will be available soon.

Bringing together the two playing communities, the arrival of the Llama Rama awards will also bring another exciting feature to this already amazing season.

The image provided via @ShinaBR suggests that the Llama Rama awards will include new music, loading screens, weapon skins and more.

Along with the leak of these awards and encrypted skin, a third leak recently emerged, which showed a new emotion based on the Rocket League. This emotion is the culmination of the Llama Rama awards. @ShiinaBR also drew the attention of the Fortnite community to this leak on Twitter.

Both emotions based on the Rocket League and the Llama Rama awards have received exciting feedback from the Fortnite community.

With Epic Games ’partnership with the Rocket League, the inclusion of these awards and emotions in Fortnite Season 6 won’t be too much of a shock for looters.

Although it takes some time to confirm, Fortnite’s official Twitter has confirmed that Llama-rama will be back with dates.

Fortnite Season 6 players have just started this new season, and new features and surprises are emerging every day. Loopers he will surely have fun and excited about this season if Epic Games continues so well.

Posted March 23, 2021, 12:01 AM IST