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Fox News’ Chris Wallace savagely attacked by right-wing social media after he praises Jen Psaki





After the motley staff of the fact -adverse press secretary held in court during the Trump administration – or didn’t do so in the case of Stephanie Grisham, who never actually held a press briefing – Jen Psaki arrives to handle that role for the Biden administration is a breath of fresh air.

Psaki’s ability to present actual facts as he navigates the questions posed to him by White House correspondents of various political affiliations has become expert since he took the podium in the presidential press. briefing room earlier this year.

His seemingly daily verbal sparring with “gotcha” questions is given by Fox News‘Chief White House correspondent Peter Doocy has become a news-worthy event in its own right, with their exchanges becoming expected objects on someone’s daily social media feed.

It is in this context that one of the Fox News‘most respected actual journalists (as opposed to the scary, political opinion-giving, talking heads that dominate during cable news network hours), Chris Wallace expressed his mutual appreciation for the continued use of his colleague Peter Doocy of pressure inquiry techniques and for Jen Psaki’s great devastating answers to her top questions.

Doocy and Psaki have just finished an extended back and forth on the issue of President Biden’s failure to visit the southern border of the United States since he was inaugurated.

Psaki naturally defended Biden, stating that he had visited the border area many times in his career and did little value in presenting what was essentially “a photo op” just to silence restless Trump supporters.

While a neutral observer is likely to have declared Psaki the winner of that exchange, the panel in Fox News being asked to comment on the interaction after the network broadcast it live was more equanimous.

Fox News host Sandra Smith, who defended the network reporter, weighed in first.

“He’s obviously forcing him on the president’s own words,” Smith said of Doocy.

Wallace admires Doocy and Biden’s press secretary.

“Honestly, as someone who has spent six years in the White House, my immediate reaction is that these two people are at the top of their game,” Wallace said, referring to his own time as a White House correspondent for on NBC News in the 1970s and ’80s.

“I mean this as a compliment. I think he became Sam Donaldson of this White House press corps, ”comparing Doocy’s performance to ABC News’ legendary tough presidential inquisitor during the Reagan era.

“And because I was working in the press corps when Sam Donaldson was there, that was a very grudging compliment on my part,” Wallace archly said.

Wallace’s praise of Jen Psaki, however, caused the most heat from right-wing trolls on social media.

Wallace called it Psaki “One of the best press secretaries,” before adding “I don’t know that anything has been done in particular, but they both gave and have been nice.”

From the reaction to Wallace’s praise of Psaki on Twitter, one would assume that his behavior was similar to giving a standing ovation to a member of the opposing team when they hit a grand slam to drive 4 runs and won the World Series under the ninth inning.

Of course, as the universal law of social media states, every political opinion will generate equal and opposite reactions from others who think your opinion is completely rubbish.

Apparently, there is a strong correlation between a person’s choice of political affiliation and the views of both Chris Wallace and Jen Psaki.

Those who watched the brains of Fox News ’opinion programming couldn’t follow Chris Wallace’s equal treatment of people on both sides of the political aisle.

It just shows that those who buy into harmful propaganda without making an effort to carefully study its truth are no more than evil ideologists who pollute our political system with selfish lies.

Thanks to Chris Wallace for his honesty in his appreciation of this talented spokesperson for the Biden administration, Jenn Psaki.

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Original reporting by Josh Feldman of Mediaite.

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