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Fox News clutches pearls and suffers from vapors over hip-hop dancing at the Grammys




Now that Donald Trump has been forced out of attention with his removal from the position and subsequent bans from Twitter and Facebook, the Republican Party is trying to convince voters that it really cares about so -called principles that it happily ignores within four years. Moral outrage has returned to fury and the same people who embrace a liar, criminal, accused rapist, and notorious pilot as their leader are forcing them to stand up for “family values.”

A target for their criticism in recent days has been the most laudable performance of rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion at the Grammy Awards this past weekend. The two megastars put on a blockbuster show, complete with an incredible range of design, pageantry, and yes more with a bit of raunchiness. It’s completely harmless to pleasure but conservatives want us to believe it represents nothing less than the nadir of civilization.

Fox News’s Harris Faulkner was forced to discuss criticisms of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion who allegedly “lit up” social media. According to Faulker, “some say” the performance “looks more at home in a strip club than a primetime show.” Like Trump when he refers to “many people” he fails to mention anyone who specifically made the comparison to the strip club, instead relying on a vague mention on social media. This is a common rhetorical tactic for the right. When they want to make consent behind an opinion, they pretend as if a vast area of ​​people already exist.

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Faulkner then cut a clip of Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens — two of the not-so-bad faith hacks currently working in the fetid swamp of right-wing media — who agree that Hollywood and liberals are trying to “ruin our culture and hurt our children. ”Both Carlson and Owens are big supporters of Donald Trump because being a serial sexual crook is perfectly fine but dancing in bad clothes isn’t.

Both Carlson and Faulkner’s guests brought in the 1942 film Dumbo, whining that the Disney elephant character is no longer considered appropriate by the “awake mob” but this particular Grammy performance. They refer to a recent Disney decision to remove Dumbo from child profiles on their streaming service because it contains some racially offensive content, in particular, a scene where a crow named “Jim Crow” leads many other crows in a song that leaned on racial stereotypes.

By making it less likely that children will stumble upon problematic scenes, Disney simply gives parents more control over what their children eat. It was an absolutely pleasant move and the ridiculous conservative impulse to get angry about it was the same as we saw behind its head when Hasbro made changes to Potato Head and when it was announced that some Dr books . Seuss containing imagery will no longer be printed. . How does anyone really care about these changes?

Republicans need to take a big collective deep breath and calm down.

Watch the performance with Republicans so worked below.

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