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FOX News openly roots for Russia in clip about Putin’s absurd “debate” challenge to Biden




The shameless and excessive hypocrisy of Republicans and the right -wing propaganda industry is a tired trope at this point, but it’s absolutely astonishing for them to move from crying that the mainstream media never gave Donald Trump benefits skepticism to openly root for a Russian dictator when a Democrat takes a position.

But root they do. The latest chance for the jackals on FOX News to wreck Biden came from Russia’s deadly despot Vladimir Putin, who suggested Biden should join him for a live, unscripted online “debate” after the issue of Russia with Biden calling him a “murderer,” which is undeniably true.

FOX News, which spent last week howling about Cardi B’s songs is ruining the American family and the removal of Dr. B’s unabashed books. Seuss from circulation announces the collapse of civil civilization as we know it, suddenly greatly admiring the Russian dictator. which kills journalists and unleashes discord with an iron fist. He joins Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who is similarly pleased to predict that Putin will emerge victorious in such a contest.

Donald Trump Jr. also joins in, exposing the weakness and incompetence of his father’s administration to his successor and easily forgetting that Donald Trump can’t properly pronounce “Yosemite” when reading a teleprompter.

It was great to see people howling and shouting that Democrats were radical socialists who hated America immediately changed their tone and began to take root for foreign dictators by the time their party was not in the White House. It just shows that the Republican Party and its mouths are really not standing up for anything but the excuse of racism and opposition to literally everything Democrats say or do.

They are embarrassing!


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