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Free Fire India to give away Soulless Executioner bundle for free upon hitting 7 million followers on Instagram




Free Fire offers a wide range of alluring, attractive and alluring in-game cosmetics. Although these items do not affect play in any way, players crave them for aesthetic purposes.

Recently, Free Fire India announced that it will donate the Soulless Executioner package to 200 players for free after hitting 7 million followers on their Instagram account.

This article examines how users can participate in the sweepstakes and have the opportunity to get this enticing costume package in Free Fire.

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Free Fire India will donate the Soulless Executioner package for free after hitting 7 million Instagram followers

The Instagram post from Free Fire India states the following:

“Win a Permanent Soulless Executioner Package! Survivors! Want to win an Awesome new permanent package? Then, follow the Free Fire India Instagram page now and have a chance to win the deadliest package in the Free Fire-The Soulless Executioner Bundle for free! So what are you waiting for? Go hunting target and win the prize now! “

If the Garena Free Fire Instagram page reaches 7 million followers between March 15 and March 29, 200 lucky users will receive the Soulless Executioners Package. To participate, players must follow these steps:

Step 1: Follow ‘Free Fire India Official’ on Instagram. The link to their account is below:

Free Fire India Official on Instagram: Click here

Step 2: Players must add their names and Free Fire UID to the comments section of the post. They also need to share the post with their friends and make sure they follow the page.

Step 3: If the goal is achieved, 200 users will be randomly selected and rewarded with an exclusive package in Garena Free Fire.

Therefore, in order to try to get the Soulless Executioner Bundle, users must comment on the official post on the Free Fire India Instagram page.

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Posted March 16, 2021, 11:21 AM IST