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From Cams And Voice Assistants To Coffee: Discover The Latest Innovations That Are Shaping The Car Industry



The cars currently in development come with no short supply of inventive high-tech gadgets. However, as more people opt for used cars or interior upgrades, you no longer have to buy or rent a new car to experience them. These cutting-edge car gadgets are innovative, exciting, and add value to whatever vehicle you’re driving. Read on to find out more.

Mirror Dash Cams

The global rideshare market has spiked significantly over the past few years, causing a surge in demand for vehicle gadgets that provide better visibility. Mirror dash cameras are one of the few car gadget innovations that offer both practical use and aesthetic appeal – and here’s why.

Technically more of a screen than a mirror, these cameras capture front and back footage of your live surroundings while you drive at a pixel rate of 1080p, making it one of the highest quality car cams to date. It also has a built-in sensor for picking up random objects on the road, such as a plastic bottle, cardboard box, or even a stray wild animal.

Technical gadgets like these are extremely useful for drivers who move around frequently or at high speeds, such as cab drivers. They can prevent accidents from happening and provide the necessary clarity for busy roads and nighttime cruises.

Bluetooth Devices And Virtual Car Assistance

It’s been a minute since drivers had Bluetooth products that went above and beyond just a speaker, but the moment has finally arrived. Bluetooth cassettes, in particular, have seen a lot of positive reception amongst older or vintage car owners, while full-on virtual assistance technology has been released by Amazon to extend the “Alexa” experience beyond the walls of your home. Bluetooth cassettes are essentially Bluetooth devices in the shape of a fully functional cassette tape. You simply connect it as you would a normal speaker to your main device (such as a smartphone), pop them into your cassette slot, and allow it to stream whatever you like.

Amazon’s virtual assistant device, the Echo Auto, is designed for a more contemporary breed of vehicle. Drivers can give commands to the Echo Auto without needing to fiddle with any buttons or become distracted while on the road, affording drivers the supremely modern luxury of hands-free infotainment. Cars with particularly expensive catalytic converters such as the Ferrari F430, Ram 2500, Ford F-250, and Ford Mustang are most compatible with high-end tech devices such as these as they already boast high end specs that complement this type of addition perfectly.

Coffee From Your Car

That’s right, you can now make fresh, hot, high quality coffee from the comfort of your very own car, no matter how new, old, or used it may be. By use of espresso capsules and a digital display, you can make a strong cup of Joe while driving in less than 3 minutes.

The device sits neatly in your cup holder and can live there permanently if you like. Evidently, there is more than one way to upgrade the interior driving experience of your car. As the limits continue to be pushed forward, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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