FunPinPin Class: Know about Private Traffic in China

Winning customers in any e-commerce business is a whole job in itself that requires vibrant marketing efforts on all fronts. In Chinese e-commerce marketing, you have to either rely on private or public traffic to make good money out of your business. Private traffic is those customers that you have funneled into your database, and you can interact with your customers at no additional cost. These are the customers with high accessibility and have deep trust in your brand. Contrary to this, public traffic refers to paid traffic that you have to get by investing money. This is intended to target customers that are not on your list of direct traffic. Thus you have to pay money in order to get new customers, and there are ample chances that these people will not turn out to be long-term customers.


Private Traffic In China

The trend of private traffic kicked off in China in early 2019 when people started searching for the term “private traffic” on Baidu. E-commerce marketers had the curiosity about how they could capitalize on private traffic to gain instant results. Private traffic is dependent on the user’s choice to join private traffic pools from where they can interact with brands. According to the data of iiMedia Research, over 30 percent of consumers support private traffic operations, while only 7.6 percent dislike it, while the rest are neutral. This means that people are willing to enter private traffic pools, which is good news for e-commerce brands in China.

Some of the top platforms for private traffic in China are WeChat, Kuaishou, and Tik Tok. This traffic is becoming so relevant in China that the year 2021 was considered the “year of private traffic explosion” in China. Consumers belonging to Gen Z are more likely to be targeted using this mechanism. Some experts are suggesting that the coronavirus crisis was one of the primary reasons for the increasing relevance of private traffic in China. The pandemic, thus, made the retail options limited, and the group-buying culture started surging, which played a critical role in the increasing relevance of private traffic.

Why Is Private Traffic Important In The E-Commerce Market Now?

Public traffic customers have a wide variety of choices available for shopping. This means that when you are trying to reach them, many other brands will also be running parallel efforts to do the same. These customers are also expected to run a hit and trial method to find the most suitable brand for them, so they are likely to slip away. Thus customer retention becomes a pipe dream in public traffic, which is critical to doing a sustainable business. You have to have a healthy list of returning customers to make a sustainable business model, which is only possible with private traffic. Private traffic is a buzzword in the Chinese e-commerce market. In a highly industrialized country like China, owning private traffic is no less than a blessing as the cost of paid marketing is getting higher with every passing day.

FunPinPin Recommendation

If you want to capitalize on private traffic, you have to first make a reliable eCommerce platform using a site builder like FunPinPin. FunPinPin has a distinction in various aspects of marketing which allows you to target your desired audience with high efficiency. When you are thinking of utilizing private traffic for your e-commerce business, you will need FunPinPin even more, as losing trust in this traffic will be a blunder in itself. FunPinPin will also help you to set up an efficient store that will be easy to navigate for consumers, which will eventually increase the efficiency of your business. With FunPinPin, you get a cloud-based platform which means a higher speed for your business and more satisfied customers. Getting unique customer service alongside various extensions is also the distinction of FunPinPin, which will grow your e-commerce business.


FunPinPin has emerged as the best e-commerce site builder due to the variety of benefits it brings to the table. With the high-speed functionality, FunPinPin is increasing your consumers’ convenience. High speed is usually the distinction of the best e-commerce platforms, which care about their customers so much that they do not want to waste even their minimal amount of time. Thus FunPinPin is striving to make your e-commerce successful using the exclusive benefits not provided by any other platform.

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