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Furious Asuka teases heel turn after WWE RAW goes off-air




WWE RAW champion for women Asuka returned to the Red brand this week. She had to separate a little from the square lap after suffering an injury during the team’s match against Shayne Baszler and Nie Jax last month. Tonight, Asuka returned with a purpose and was determined to try to get revenge on half of the WWE women’s team champions.

Asuka and Baszler rang the horns in an exciting match tonight that ended in favor WWE RAW Female champion. However, Baszler did not bow after the defeat. Instead, she started attacking Asuka, and she returned the favor.

“Two weeks ago, Shayna Baszler did a lot of damage to me, you know? I wanted to give it back to her. It was very close. I’ll get it next time. You know I’ll get it. All right?”

Both superstars were embroiled in an exhausting argument after their game, and the referees had to come out to separate them. Asuka freed the other side of herself as she looked more brutal than ever. While her reaction seemed justified, this could set her a turn in the heel in the future.

Current image of the WWE RAW Team Championship Tag

After a relatively boring period, the creative is now setting up interesting conflicts for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Last week we saw Charlotte Flair claim to want to challenge for a title at WrestleMania. Even Peyton Royce cut a passionate promotion on the WWE RAW Talk, during which she sought a fair kick in the title.

Placing Asuka’s turn in the heel could mean the creative is getting closer to an argument between her and Charlotte Flair, as she is currently reserved as a babyface. Interestingly, they have another chance to explore WWE RAW as they can book a heated argument between Asuka and Baszler and head to WrestleMania.

This week’s match was short, but it did enough for us to taste the possible rivalry between the two superstars. Both Asuka and Baszler looked brutal inside the ring and made their encounter look as sincere as possible. Together they could explain an interesting story at WWE RAW.

Not to forget, NXT graduate Rhea Ripley is slated to debut at WWE RAW. The creator is greatly promoting it and could find its way to the cover image sooner than we think. Considering the history divided between all the above-mentioned names, we could see how a great battle is being prepared for the women’s title on the Red brand.

Posted March 16, 2021, 12:28 PM IST