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G. Gordon Liddy, convicted Watergate conspirator, dies at 90




Thomas Liddy told CNN in a phone call Tuesday evening that his father had died Tuesday morning at Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Thomas said his father had “several illnesses,” but that his death was unrelated to Covid-19 and that he had received the coronavirus vaccine three weeks ago.

Former White House aide G. Gordon Liddy is filmed by reporters as he leaves the U.S. district court, where he pleaded not guilty to breaking into the Watergate Hotel's Democratic National Headquarters.

G. Gordon Liddy was convicted of his involvement in organizing the break-up of Watergate on charges of theft, conspiracy and wiretapping and served 4.5 years after President Jimmy Carter commuted his 20-year sentence to eight . Later, Liddy hosted a radio show and acting career.

He is survived by his sister Margaret McDermott and their five adult children: Thomas, Alexandra Liddy Bourne, Grace Liddy, James Liddy and Raymond Liddy.

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