We all enjoy watching a little musical belly button from time to time. So Spotify created something like this: Spotify packaging, To give you a fun year-round review of your musical tastes. However, it is not always available. You can’t just create a new Spotify Wrapped over the past few months whenever you want. Objectively, it’s a pretty poor replacement, A new tool called volt.fm We can provide a low rental teaser for an on-demand experience.

You need to be warned to get started, this tool requires full access to your Spotify account by default for it to work, and the list of related permissions is quite large. Although the risk is very low for ordinary users, you can revoke that access at any time, but not everyone is interested.

Volt.fm doesn’t have a nice story-based interface or Unwrapped-style quiz, but it does give you some key data details. Tied to everyone Single profile page. You can also break down some of the data further to display the latest data, just as you can see the artists who have heard the most in the last 4 weeks or 6 months. You can throw a short bio, tweak a few privacy settings, and even customize your page with themes.

This tool is suitable for any kind of subscription model. There is a paid “Pro” account that you can sign up for, so you can choose custom short addresses, promote playlists, and personalize your page even more extensively. All very unnecessary. The free tier is enough to follow your own preferences a little faster than Spotify gives you the details, and you can exchange profiles with friends.

Again, it’s not as good as Spotify’s first party, interactive music story, and a bit more like last.fm, but if you want to see how you’re musically overcoming 2021 so far, it’s better than nothing. Fundamentally, it goes a step further from the basic Spotify profile experience.