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Genshin Impact leak reveals new Cake for Traveler; Players to get it on their 2nd Birthday




The Traveler’s birthday has always been special in Genshin Impact, and the leaks now reveal an upcoming prize for their second birthday in the game.

In Genshin Impact, players receive a “Passenger Cake” item on the protagonist’s birthday. The same gift will probably be given every year on Putnik’s birthday, but with a new design.

Thanks to the omission, players can expect their second birthday prize to look different from the first. The upcoming cake design has leaked, and players can now find renders to see what it looks like.

The design of the second cake for Traveler was revealed by the publishers of Genshin Impact

Since Genshin Impact is not yet a year old, no one has seen another cake for travelers so far. Fortunately, players interested in their second birthday gift can check out the cake leak.

Some players have noticed that there seems to be another cake for Traveler on the Liyue theme. If the design is to resemble the nation of Geo, then future cakes can be shaped in the spirit of Inazuma, Sumeru and other nations.

A similar theory is that cakes are designed as if they were made by a certain character. More precisely, many speculate that Zhongli was the main inspiration for the second cake for travelers.

Players are unlikely to get an answer as to why the second cake was designed the way it was. Nonetheless, this recent data leak makes it very likely that players will set a different cake on their birthday each year.

What does Cake for Traveler do in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact players can set the Traveler’s birthday on any day of the year, and Cake for Traveler will appear in the mailbox on that very date.

Using Cake for Traveler provides one brittle resin and a copy of the cake to commemorate the event. Admittedly, these awards can be a bit shocking, especially for players who were hoping. Still, the free 60 pitches is still very useful for completing a few extra domains, blooming or fighting bosses.

Although the second cake for the traveler may look different from the first, it will probably work the same way. To find out for sure, players will have to wait for their second birthday at Genshin Impact and sign up to claim the prize.

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