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Genshin Impact: Trick to get 100+ Companionship EXP every day without spending Resin




Genshin Impact is filled with various mechanics to keep players intrigued. One of them is EXP. Also known as “Friendship EXP”, players can gain friendship using their character for a variety of things.

After reaching level 10, players will be rewarded with an exclusive name card for their characters. The name card can be used as a display on their Genshin Impact profile.

Genshin Impact: The trick to getting more than 100 EXP hangouts every day without wasting resin

Friendship level 10 Lisa and her noun
Friendship level 10 Lisa and her noun

They are several ways players can get Companionship EXP, some of them cost resin, some do not contain resin.

  • Random events
  • Daily commissions
  • Ley Line Outcrop
  • Processing of magic pieces of crystal near Kovač
  • Normal boss
  • Sunday boss
  • Domains that cost resins

Company EXP Growing Without Spending Resin: Random Events

Initiated random events
Initiated random events

Players can run random events up to 10 times a day. After that, players will not be able to receive more prizes until the next day. What most players don’t know is that this random event isn’t random after all.

Players can “make” these events run by staying in the right place. Here are some examples of 25 videos compiled by Miyuki 雪芳, YouTuber:

Random Venues (Image via Miyukié ?? ªè ?? ()
Random Venues (Picture via Miyuki 雪芳)

After players finish the event, they can leave the game and then log in again to restart the event immediately. In some cases, players will have to wait a few minutes for the event to occur. Players can try to change the time in the game to trigger random events.

Must also socialize EXP in Genshin Impact
Must also socialize EXP in Genshin Impact

Random events reward players from Mora and Companionship EXP (and Fine Enhancement Ore at certain events). The value varies depending on the search, but one place seems to reward more Socializing EXP than the rest.

You can find this place north of the teleport point east of Cecilia Garden. Players can stand in this position to start the event.

15 SPP random event spot for socializing
15 SPP random event spot for socializing

The events launched here reward players with 15 Companionship EXP instead of 10. However, according to the wiki, Random World Quest can only reward 15 Companionship EXPs starting at World Level 6.

Comparison of EXP socializing awards
Comparison of EXP socializing awards

Companionship EXP is a small feature in Genshin Impact that rewards players for playing with their favorite characters. Some people deliberately handle these events for glittering name cards, while others have done so for the sake of the Sea.

Posted April 4, 2021 at 6:07 PM IST