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Genshin Impact Wish Simulator for Childe banner: How to wish unlimited to test gacha luck




There is little time left for the banner for the rerun of Childe, so some Genshin Impact players could try their luck with the wish simulator.

Using a wish simulator is not for everyone. However, travelers who enjoy using it can only do so to see how it is with their “gacha happiness”. Everything they get in the wish simulator does not apply to the game and vice versa.

However, that doesn’t cost anything either. Genshin Impact players can use it for fun and try out theoretical scenarios (like discovering how much 1,000 moves cost). All information related to this wish simulator is applicable to any banner, not just Childe.

There are several wish simulators to use online, but this article covers the top rated apps. This hyperlink will bring players to it.

How to use Genshin Impact Wish Simulator to test the gacha of happiness for Childe banner

Default home screen (Image via saihou)
Default home screen (Image via saihou)

The name of this application is Genshin Impact Wish Simulator: Unofficial. The manufacturer is Saihou and has an average rating of 4.7 stars. What makes it impressive is that there are over 14K ratings and a million downloads.

It is a versatile application for what ultimately has endless desires. First, it’s important to cover what players see here. There should have been “Tartaglia“selected by default. Genshin Impact players should recognize that this is a Childe banner. All cards on the right include other banners (including the previous ones).

This article will focus only on Childe’s banner and on what players should expect from using this simulation wish app.

How the application works

Also includes wish animations (Image via saihou)
Also includes wish animations (Image via saihou)

Under the “Settings” option, you can adjust several factors. They are:

  • Show wish animation
  • Just skip the meteor animation
  • Mute Sounds
  • Custom amount of wishes
  • Advanced settings
  • Delete all wish results

By default, “Show wish animation” is on and everything else is off or “0”. Genshin Impact players can customize the settings to their heart, including the “Advanced Settings” option. The only thing that matters to most players is the light and dark mode switch.

What the screen looks like after ten wishes (Picture via saihou)
What the screen looks like after ten wishes (Picture via saihou)

Like any good wishes simulator, this app alerts Genshin Impact players how much money they would spend on those wishes. Not only that, but it also shows what they have called for so far.

In 1,000 wishes, this wish simulator randomly generated the following for a Childe banner:

  • Childe C6 + four extra copies
  • Qiqi C1
  • Mona C1
  • Diluc
  • Jean
  • Chongyun C6 + 25 copies
  • Yanfei C6 + 19 copies
  • Ningguang C6 + 19 copies
  • Diona
  • Sucrose C6
  • Fischl C2
  • Rosaria C1
  • Sayu C2
  • Bennet C1
  • Xinyan
  • Barbara C2
  • Noelle
  • Xiangling
  • Hundreds of weapons
Example of a screen with 1,000 wishes (Picture via saihou)
Example of a screen with 1,000 wishes (Picture via saihou)

If a Genshin Impact player tried to spend money on 1,000 wishes, it would cost them approximately $ 2,000 (according to this desire simulator). The blue text indicates that the player received a character from the corresponding inscription (in this case Childe).

Genshin Impact players can continue to simulate as many wishes as they want. Once they are done using the wish simulator, they may want to reset everything.

To reset everything, click the “Reset” button next to “Settings.”

Alternatively, go to “Settings” and then use “Delete all wish results”, which works as a solution.

Anyway, this tool is incredibly useful for Genshin Impact players who are wondering about their luck Childe’s banner.

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