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George W. Bush Smacks Down Claims the Election Was Stolen




Former President George W. Bush (R) weighs in on the 2020 presidential election and the turmoil that erupted at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

“I think the election, every election has some kind of wrong,” Bush said during a Texas Tribune interview. “I think the results of this election, though, were confirmed when Joe Biden was inaugurated as president.”

When asked directly if he believes the election was stolen, Bush bluntly replied, “No.”

Former President Donald Trump has pushed without evidence that the election was stolen.

Bush was also asked by the Texas Tribune if “the Trump -led federal government put democracy at risk after the 2020 election.” He replied, “No.”

The former president said, “What puts democracy at risk is the ability to get on the internet to spread … all sorts of things. But checks and balances work. It’s, you know, a balanced system. The court is working. The legislative process needs a bit of work, specifically on immigration reform … No, I thought the system worked well. “

Watch Bush’s interview below:

Bush also spoke about the chaos at the Capitol, where he said, “I don’t remember what I was doing, but… I’m sick to my stomach … to see our country’s Capitol being raided by enemy forces. And it really upset me to the point where I issued a statement, and it still bothers me when I think about it. “

“It weakens the rule of law and the ability to express yourself peacefully in the public square. It’s an expression that is not peaceful.”

In addition, Bush held the number of voters in 2018 and 2020, saying it reflects the “vitality of democracy.”

“That’s a pretty good sign that people want to get involved in the system and they want to vote,” he added.

Bush continues:

“Here, politics is always rough … And right now we are in a period of time, however, when there is a lot of anger in the system, which causes people to worry about the future of our democracy. I think it is it will eventually end the system. ”

“History and the United States have shown these populist movements begin to falter over time, and so I am hopeful for democracy,” the former president said.

Bush talked to the President Joe Biden, which he called an “experienced man.”

The former president added, “He seems to be off to a great start. Hopefully, this rage will work in the system. “


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