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Georgia “Bad Day” cop exposed for promoting anti-Asian shirts on social media




How can people expect police officers to protect them from crimes driven by racism and hate if the people employed by the local police force exhibit the same type of behavior itself?

That’s the question on the minds of many people after a Cherokee County, Georgia spokesman, the Sheriff’s Office showed more concern for committing the murder of eight people in a series of shootings at massage parlors in Atlanta than the victims who were 21- shot yesterday by a man Robert Aaron Long.

Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office drew immediate condemnation on social media after he described the confessed murderer as having a “very bad day,” as if shooting innocent people in likely a hate crime aimed at Women of Asian descent have no more consequences than having a bad turn of luck on the golf course or finding your car’s dead battery when leaving for work.

Baker’s lack of sensitivity and misplaced priorities could be attributed to a local official unprepared for the sudden attention of the national media pushed at short notice.

Once the curiosity began to scrutinize Baker’s social media feeds, however, they began to question whether Captain Baker’s seemingly sympathetic behavior toward the shooter was a product of shared racist feelings rather than his presence. of his own bad day at work.

For that on Captain Baker’s Facebook page is a series of posts he made a hawking T-shirt with the slogan: “COVID-19 imported virus from CHY-NA.”

Hmmm? One wonders where he might have taken that idea. Perhaps from a despicable former chief executive who wanted to call COVID, the “China virus” or the “Wuhan Flu”?

In case you have any doubts about the Georgia sheriff’s intent in posting pictures of racist T-shirts, a quick curiosity of the captions in his posts has you corrected.

“Place your order while they last,” Baker wrote in a post on March 30 that he accompanied with a smiling face.

“Love my shirt,” Baker wrote in another post in April of 2020. “Get yours while it lasts. ‘”

If this is the kind of person who should be protecting people from racist attacks like Robert Aaron Long carried out yesterday, one cannot blame the lack of confidence that justice will be served equally.

This is particularly true if instead of describing Long’s actions as a hate crime, Baker removed the way to link the shooter’s motivations to his “sexual addiction” issues and said Long targeted spas. to “remove that temptation.”

We expect that the prosecutors who will actually bring Long to trial will not be equally complicit in the racist behavior and the real motivations for his heinous actions will be revealed at the court hearing.

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Original reporting by Pilar Melendez and William Bredderman in The Daily Beast.

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