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Glow Lichen in Minecraft: Everything players need to know




Glow Lichen is an exciting new addition Minecraft in the coming 1.17 update.

Many Minecraft players are looking forward to the full release of the latest game update 1.17. A wide range of new elements will be added to the world of Minecraft, creating exciting opportunities for players to incorporate new forms of gaming.

The glow lichen is a new type of block that will soon be available in public Minecraft editions. We will highlight some previously unknown facts about glow lichen in this article.

Lichen shine in Minecraft

What is?

Glow Lichen is not a full block of dice, but 1/16 of a block, similar to grapevine block. Green, gray in color, with transparent properties, it is most commonly found.

As the name suggests, Glow Lichen joins light bulbs, lighting and more in its collection of light-emitting blocks. Glow Lichen has a light level of 7, compared to a torch with a light level of 14 or a magma block with a light level of 4. While not the brightest glow in all Minecraft, Glow Lichen is flat redstone torches as far as space lighting is concerned.

Where is?

Shiny lichens can naturally degenerate on various Minecraft blocks, all of which are located above ground. These include stone, andesite, diorite and granite.

Something exciting about this new glowing element is that Glow Lichen can also be found on brand new blocks that appear with update 1.17.   Calcite, tuff, deep layer, and drip make up these blocks.

Shiny lichen will most often spawn in ravines.

How is it used?

In the Minecraft Java edition, Glow Lichen can only be extracted and obtained with scissors. It can be broken by any object, but the use of an ax has the fastest results. In the Minecraft Bedrock edition, you can also collect Glow Lichen with scissors and other tools like an ax.

Glow Lichen makes a perfect decoration in many types of buildings, whether it’s lighting the outside path or adding some texture to a home’s decor.

Minecraft players can use bone meal to grow Glow Lichen in the same way they would grow trees. This is an opportunity to create a Glow Lichen farm as needed. This Youtube video provides a guide on how to do this:

As the release of the latest Minecraft update gets closer and closer every day, Minecraft players can’t wait to start encountering these new and exciting elements. More precise information about Glow Lichen will most likely be revealed when more first-hand players interact with the block.