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Google copies Apple and cuts Play Store fees




For half a year, there has been a huge storm of app store platforms, the money they make, and who can make how much money. Epic is Apple and Google Kick Fortnite On the App Store and Play Store Fixed common in-app purchase revenue split issue. In short, Apple and Google did that. The legal fight is in progress. However, the fallout is affecting other parts of the industry.

In November, regulatory scrutiny is increasing, Fortnite Fight, Apple has announced the “App Store Small Business Program”. Developers with less than $1 million in annual revenue on the app store said they deserve bigger pies for app sales and in-app purchases. It is 85% compared to the standard 70%. Today Google is announcing pretty much the same thing for the Play Store.

Posts on Android Developer Blog, Sameer Samat, Google’s vice president of project management, said Google will lower its revenue share to 15% for the first million dollars it earns to all developers each year. An interesting starting point in Apple’s program is universal change. If the developer breaks $1 million, you don’t have to pay an extra 15% for the first revenue for that year. Any money earned over $1 million will receive an existing 30% cut.

This change will take effect from July 1st and will apply to “digital goods or services”, so probably includes things like in-app purchases and subscription fees as well. Google in 2018 Reduced subscription revenue split to 15%., But only for users who kept their subscription after 1 year.

This actually means that many app developers can get a decent wage for the same app. Google once again reflects Apple’s language starting in November, saying that 99% of app developers will fall under $1 million. It is worth pointing out. There are so many developers in the Play Store that there is a huge advantage in terms of the number of people affected, but I never do that That means Google is taking a big hit in terms of total revenue. On Apple’s App Store, 98% of developers, with a lower revenue sharing rate, accounted for less than 5% of Apple’s total revenue. Determined by the analytics company Sensor.

Assuming an almost similar split on the Android side, it means that 95% of the $100 Google collects is not affected by this change. Giving 2 to 3% of the revenue collected by Google to the Play Store is a small price you pay for a fig tree leaf that you can use to cover up in front of regulators. in America and Elsewhere.


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