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Google follows Apple in reducing its cut of app sales




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  • For the first million dollars in developer revenue, Google reduced sales of Play Store apps and services by 15%.
  • This follows a similar move that Apple made for App Store developers in November.
  • It is in part a response to legal issues, including Epic.

For developers of indie Android apps, life will soon be a little easier. Google decrease It cut sales of Play Store apps and digital goods from 30% to 15%, reflecting a similar move that Apple made last November with the first million dollars in revenue the creators make each year. The smaller cuts will take effect from July 1, 2021.

It can have a significant impact. On a small scale, Google claims that it will potentially help growth by halving fees for 99% of Play Store developers, giving more money to employees and servers. Sameer Samat, vice president of Google, said these moves could also benefit mid-sized app creators who are still facing challenges as they grow.

More details will be submitted in the “in the coming months”.

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As you might guess, this is not strictly altruistic. The reduced Play Store cut is Epic sued Google. And Apple alleges that both have violated antitrust laws by insisting that they use an official payment system to make purchases in stores. that much Fortnite Developers have established themselves as a crusade for indie developers struggling with a 30% cut. In theory, Google is undermining this legal fight as Apple did. Smaller studios will get better, but big companies like Epic will still have to pay 30% off a fraction of their sales.

It also helps Google handle it. Sensor tower famous Publishers with less than $1 million in revenue accounted for less than 2% of their game revenue on the Apple App Store for most of 2020, and there is no reason to believe that Google’s situation is so different. Google could cut its Play Store cuts in half for smaller developers while losing little money. As more indies grow and you have to pay that 30% commission, you can profit in the long run. Even if it’s helping the entire app maker, it’s not a huge sacrifice.


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